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J&D Motors Flashback 2057: The Boromir

Some vehicle designs are just meant to happen.  You pick what you want and it all falls into place: no fussing or tinkering.  The Boromir is one of those.  Its as close to a perfect design as any I’ve worked up.  I loved driving a Boromir… you might not win the event, but you could count on taking at least one person down!

The Boromir has the heavy hitting power of the APFSDS anti-tank gun.  Accuracy is improved with a single weapon computer.  The flame cloud streamer is great for nailing vehicles that have stalled… it’s one of the few dropped weapons that can really contribute to an arena fight.  Maneuverability is improved with spoiler, airdam, and heavy-duty brakes.  Tires are not skimped on: they’re solid with the usual guards and hubs, too.  There’s not one extraneous item on the thing.

(Division 20 seems like the optimal budget for an effective vehicle, to me.  If you throw too much more money at it, then you may as well get two vehicles if you have the drivers available.  Division 30 is just outright silly.)

Boromir — Pickup; Heavy chassis; Heavy suspension; Super PP; 4 Solid tires.  Driver w/Body Armor, Personal Fire Extinguisher.  Anti-Tank Gun w/10xAPFSDS; Flame Cloud Streamer w/2xFlame Cloud.  Single-Weapon Computer; HD Brakes; Spoiler; Airdam; Ramplate F.  169 pts. Plastic (F: 60 R: 34 L: 34 B: 29 T: 6 U: 6); 2×10 pt. Plastic Hubs F; 2×10 pt. Plastic Guards F.  Cost: $19,998, Wgt: 7,149, HC: 2 (3), Top Speed: 95, Accel: 5.

[This vehicle was designed with Compendium 2e rules using SPARK’s nifty design tool.  The output above is straight out of the spreadsheet and isn’t quite the same format as the original material, but for a nice free tool… I can’t complain.  Note that the designer seems to count the weight of personal equipment!]


2 responses to “J&D Motors Flashback 2057: The Boromir

  1. Michael Miller June 12, 2007 at 10:16 pm

    Yup, the CWVD uses alternate encumbrance by default because that’s what the tournament rules require. You can turn it off on the Prefs page.

    Glad you like the sheet. :)

    Mike Miller
    St. Paul Area Road Knights

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