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J&D Motors Flashback 2057: Hotshot II

Now the Hot Shot was the example car used to demonstrate damage allocation in just about every edition of the game.  Of course, once you were armed with equipment from any of the Uncle Albert’s catalogues, you probably wouldn’t step near one of the things.  How on earth could anyone think that was a good design?  You might explain it away by conjecturing that the original run was intended for fighting against early chassis and crossbow style ruffians… but I think its actually listed in the AADA guide that these won AADA championships two years in a row.  And that was before the variant fire rules that made it possible for cars like the Hotshot to actually set things on fire!

This problem wasn’t fixed even with 5th edition Car Wars.  The Piranha got numerous improvements… with all three machine-guns moved to the front and loaded with incendiary ammo.  It was more than a match for the old same-old same-old Hotshot….

Anyways, here’s my version that I worked up during the early nineties– er, forties.  With a double dose of the minedropper option, incendiary mines and bullets, and extra armor, this version is a little more survivable.  Not by much, maybe, but it will set things on fire!

Hot Shot II— Luxury; Extra Heavy chassis; Heavy suspension; Large PP w/SCs; 4 Solid tires.  Driver w/Body Armor.  2xMachine Gun w/40xIncendiary; 2xMinedropper w/20xNapalm; 2xFlamethrower w/20xStandard.  4xLink; Fire Extinguisher; Targeting Computer; HD Brakes.  137 pts. Plastic (F: 40 R: 29 L: 29 B: 29 T: 5 U: 5); 1×10 pt., 2 spc. Plastic CA (Driver).  Cost: $19,990, Wgt: 6,520, HC: 3, Top Speed: 90, Accel: 5.

[This vehicle was designed with Compendium 2e rules using SPARK’s nifty design tool.]


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