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ComStar Games presents Yet Another Traveller Rule Set

HERO fans are now set to get their own official rendition of the classic Traveller sci-fi setting, though the “launch” has left a few fans a bit confused.  The “core book” containing the HERO stats of Traveller equipment, classes, ships, etc. is in fact not out yet, though it may turn up this summer.  The official setting for Traveller HERO will be 1248, so the two core 1248 books are currently being listed as part of the launch even though the books are systemless– but the line will not be restricted to 1248 mileux alone.  The two new items for the launch consist of Michael Taylor’s previously released Golden Age starship books converted to HERO stats with bonus computer files for tinkering with them with existing HERO software.

Unsurprisingly, there is a bit of grousing among the faithful, but I don’t really see this as a troubling issue.  I have no idea how big a following the HERO system has, but it can’t be a bad thing for Avenger Enterprises to have at least one modernized rpg system on their plate– especially now that they can’t do T20 anymore.  As long as Avenger puts out two versions of each of their PDF’s (one with Classic Traveller stats and one with HERO stats) things won’t really change that much.  1248 would have existed with or without HERO, and Avenger’s products have tended towards being fairly system agnostic anyway.

While the announcement of the new launch will trigger much rejoicing only among a small slice of an already small slice of Traveller fans, the celebration sale of 20% off should have at least somewhat broader appeal.  If you’ve been putting off purchasing Golden Age Spinward Marches PDFs, or if you’ve wanted to see what 1248 was all about, now’s your chance to see why so many referees are praising Avenger’s products.  The sale lasts until this Friday, so don’t wait too late!


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