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“I want a pink car!”

I ran across a find at the used book store recently: GURPS Autoduel first edition in pretty good condition for five bucks. It even had the counter sheet intact on the back cover flap! It’s got a few standard Car Wars counters, some cardboard heroes, and a bizarre couple of six inch GURPS scale car counters. Alas, it did not contain the insert that has a map of Autoduel America and the unusual scenario premise that explains the origins of the grain blight.

My 4 year old son spent a while looking at the beautiful Denis Loubet cover. The next day, the family was discussing what kind of car we should buy. “I want a pink car!” he exclaimed. This color choice surprised me… until he clarified. “I want a pink car with a flamethrower on the back!”


One response to ““I want a pink car!”

  1. Steam Bucky November 21, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    Love that story!

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