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Winning Duelists from Armadillo

Here’s the stats on my winning team from the event. Note that only one of them got to keep his car. Of the three kills scored by the team, only one was salvageable for anything beyond a few spare tires.  (It’s those flaming power plants, as usual….)

Coyotito Alvarez
Prestige: 3
Kills: 1
Gunner Skill Points: 2
Salvage: Killer Kart with 1 point of damage to the right and 5 points of damage to the back. 8 rounds of ammo left in MG.
Notes: 3/20/08 Armadillo Autoduel Arena: Killed an opposing Killer Kart in a close range pass. (Took a D1 maneuver after the opponent’s D2 and traded shots.) Turned around to battle the remaining Killer Kart with a teammate, but took was killed by relentless fire from two pedestrians with SMG’s.

Prestige: 1
Gunner Skill Points: 2
Handgunner Skill Points: 1
Notes: 3/20/08 Armadillo Autoduel Arena: Began event randomly placed in the middle of three opposing cars. Weathered 6 seconds of combined fire power; barely survived event with emergency medical attention.

John Turing
Prestige: 3  [This was marked as 5, but I think it should be a 3.  — jeffro 3/28/08]
Kills: 1
Gunner Skill Points: 2
Notes: 3/20/08 Armadillo Autoduel Arena: Passed a little too close to a “killed” burning vehicle which fired a surprise shot through his armor and set John’s power plant on fire.

Odysseus Deloatch
Prestige: 5
Kills: 1
Gunner Skill Points: 2
Vehicle: Killer Kart with 1 pt damage on the right armor and 16 shots left in its MG.
Salvage: A ruined hulk of a Killer Kart with intact tires, 3 points of back armor, and one remaining point of armor on the right side.
Notes: 3/20/08 Armadillo Autoduel Arena: Started far away from the action. Made a pass against one car that got killed by his “wingman,” then turned and took down the last car while his buddy succumbed to SMG fire.

Note the complete lack of driver skill point awards. It’s much more risky now to push that handling status down below zero, so I avoided putting myself in situations where I needed a control roll. Unless we lower the number of skill points required to get Driver-1, these guys won’t be improving their driving ability any time soon. Of course, with driver skill being added to what you get back on your handling track each turn, those skill levels will be worth all the more.

A duelist can pretty well expect to get to Gunner-1 by the time that he’s been in 5 duels and scored 5 kills or so. That’s not so with Driver-1! Perhaps under our house rules we should award Driver-1 at 6 skill points, Driver-2 at 14, and Driver-3 at 24.


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