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Team Amateur Night Game 5: Meet the Winners

Here’s my winning team from game 5 of our team amateur night series of games. (Only nine more to play!)

Alonzo Swartz
Prestige: 3
Kills: 1
Gunner Skill Points: 2
Notes: 3/21/08 Armadillo Autoduel Arena: Took out an enemy Killer Kart by blowing throw the front Machine Gun and setting the power plant on fire, but was “killed” a couple seconds later by a ram from behind.

Wayne Hertz
Prestige: 5
Kills: 1
Gunner Skill Points: 2
Vehicle: Killer Kart with 15 shots left, no side armor on either side, and one point of damage to the power plant.
Notes: 3/21/08 Armadillo Autoduel Arena: After having his side armor blown off with a lucky shot from a badly damaged opponent, he narrowly survived a 2-on-2 hairball. When he drove to the other side of the arena to make a high speed pass against the remaining vehicle, his opponent missed– but he made his winning shot with a natural twelve!

Anita Valdez
Prestige: 3
Kills: 1
Driver Skill Points: 1
Gunner Skill Points: 2
Salvage: Killer Kart with no armor except the 3 points on the back.
Notes: 3/21/08 Armadillo Autoduel Arena: Anita focused fire on a single enemy for the first seven seconds of the game. On the 7th second, she took power plant damage from his prey just as she killed him. Another opponent closed in for a T-bone and Anita had no choice but to turn it into a head-on at the last moment. The damage rolled was exactly enough to give both drivers two hits of damage. Anita nearly died in the flames, but narrowly made her survival roll. (Technically, she should have been toast. My opponent generously declared that medical teams could quickly reach her because the battle had moved to the opposite side of the arena at that moment.)

Rodney Fischer
Prestige: 1
Gunner Skill Points: 1
Notes: 3/21/08 Armadillo Autoduel Arena: Rodney was shot up early on in the game, but instead of leaving himself open to SMG attacks while focusing on an opposing vehicle, he decided to take down a pedestrian. On two separate damage rolls he rolled ones… while the pedestrian was able to set his car on fire. The fire was just enough to knock Rodney unconscious and the pedestrian pulled him from the flames.


One response to “Team Amateur Night Game 5: Meet the Winners

  1. earlburt October 16, 2009 at 8:45 am

    To honor the dead, I just want to note that it was Pastor Molester Halifax who pulled Rodney from the flames after taking out his car while on foot. His duelling career was short, yet so full of life and vigor. We’ll never know how many more lives he might have touched with his ministry of God’s love and the purifying clarity of death sport.

    Rest in Peace
    Pastor Molester Halifax
    10/15/1987 – 4/16/2029

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