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Team Amateur Night Game 10: Stock Stingers at the Rubberway

This game ran from about 8PM to 2AM with a break in the middle for pizza. It showed the Stinger to be a fun car for Amateur Night duels—its weapon to armor ratio is just right. The unusual topology of the Rubberway turns out to be just right for a good match: even on a small map board, you have large obstacles, but lots of space to fight as well. The ramps make for interesting terrain, the overpass makes for a fun shortcut, and the possibility for shots through the top armor are pretty neat as well.

After so many cars being killed because they allowed themselves to be tailed, my opponent and I play a little differently now. We always turn towards our opponents and dogfight now—there’s just nowhere to run in these arenas! My opponent demonstrated the danger of doing a D6 immediately after making a pass: I was on the outside, so I was able to turn onto him from just slightly behind. Because he was going up the ramp, I had the opportunity to kill him and T-bone him into a 12.5 foot drop and a 40 mph ram into the central platform!

A similar pass went well for me on the opposite side of the board. I took out an enemy’s power plant in the opening pass. He opted to coast under the central overpasses—this effectively removed him from the game for several seconds, though he was able to make an appearance at the final show down at just the worst time for me!

One of the opening passes went horribly for me, though…. I traded shots and went past… and kept my speed up to 30 mph, I think. I attempted a pair of D6’s, maybe on separate seconds… but I had to make a control roll to make it work. I needed either 3 or 4 or better on D6 to pull it off and failed it. The awful +3 penalty on the Crash Table turned what could have been a skid into a dangerous spinout. My car rammed the wall and took the driver down to zero DP. That put my opponent back in the game! If he could just get a little more luck, he could eliminate my early lead!

In our previous Stinger match back at Armadillo, we learned that it was in fact not optimal to have your cars in a tight formation. They just seem to get in each others’ way and you don’t maximize your fire the way you’d think you could. My opponent theorized that perhaps a slightly more naval tactic of keeping your ships in a line could be more effective.

In this game, I did have my cars following each other about 6 inches apart. My lead car still seemed to get in the way, though…. As the lead car hurtled toward the ramp and an oncoming opponent, I lost another critical control roll and was killed by my opponent’s ram. He just always seems to pick the most aggravating possible place to move to whenever he gets in close…. My killed car coasted to a stop right in front of the ramp—very inconvenient!!!

My opponent took two of his remaining cars and paired them up at pivot speeds. One of them had the power plant gone, so he was stuck. I took my last two cars in for the final pass—slowed down as I came in and took out both drivers within a couple of seconds. I think the odds were in my favor for this, but you know how this game can be….

That left my opponent with his last car. I think it was the one that had rammed one of my guys. My opponent wanted to keep that driver, but I wanted his salvage. So we played out the final seconds of the end game. Much of it was without phased movement and it appeared that my opponent was going to have the better of the cat and mouse game. Somehow, I got a car up on the top level and managed to come down a ramp right on his tail. He was going much faster than me, but I still got enough shots through his rear armor to end the game. There was only four seconds left on the clock….

Kills: +2
Driver: +3
Gunner: +2 (+3?)
Pestige: +8 – bonus for t-boning Benjamin Kohen off the ramp.
Background: 1/16/08 Stingers @ Rubberway—After a pass, his first opponent turned to go up a ramp, but because we came at each other from the left side of the map, we were both set up for such a turn. Because he rolled really poorly for his reflex roll, he went second… and was Yahoo able to turn with him—but on the outside! He turned slightly to close the distance—at first just to try to get his target in arc for hits without return fire. But then Yahoo rammed his opponent—knocking him off the ramp for a 12.5 foot drop and a 40 mph ram against the central platform! It took him forever to cross the arena. Pastor Halfix had lost his power plant in an early pass and had coasted back into the action by cutting underneath the overpasses. Yahoo sped in, slowed down, and took him down with a final coup de gras.

Stnger salvage #1: No front armor, one MG destroyed, 3 power plant hits, and 11 shots left in his MG.

Stinger salvage #2: 6 hits front, 10 hits left, one hit to power plant, tire damage: (5, 3, 2), and 36 shots left.

Stinger salvage #3: One MG destroyed, 1 DP damage to remaining MG with 13 shots left, power plant destroyed, front armor destroyed, 1 hit to right armor.

Gunner: +1
Prestige: +2
Background: 1/16/08 Stingers @ Rubberway—Attempted to make 2 consecutive D6 maneuvers, but failed the second one. Spun out and hit the wall and took exactly 3 hits to the driver. Hospitalized.

Stinger salvage: No front armor, no right armor, 2 hits to plant, and tire hits: (3, 2, 4, 4).

Driver: +1
Gunner: +1
Prestige: +1
Background: 1/16/08 Stingers @ Rubberway—Forced to maneuver between ramp and oncoming enemy. Executed a major Skid into the worst possible position. Killed by Ho Ho Gingwain.

Kills: +2
Driver: +3
Gunner: +3
Prestige: +7
Background: 1/16/08 Stingers @ Rubberway—Rolled into the final showdown of speed zero Pastor Halifax and the pivoting Chantreuse Smitton. Killed Chantreuse, then maneuvered to tail Ho Ho while he was attempting to run up the clock. Blew through his rear armor with 4 seconds left before the gate would open.

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