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The FNORD Mulligan…

Dueling on a budget? Not sure whether to cut corners on firepower, cargo space, or safety…? But why should you have to cut corners at all?! For less than $8k, you can have twin rocket launchers, a roomy interior, *and* better durability than the competition.

The Fnord Mulligan– Firepower you can Afford!


Mid-Sized, Light Chassis, Medium Power Plant (10 pt CA), Heavy Suspension, Puncture-Resistant Front & Rear Tires, Driver, Passenger, front: 2 RL, back: SS, Weapon Link (RL’s), Armor F31, R20, L20, B20, T2, U2, Accel. 5, Top Speed 90, HC 3, 4,135 lbs, $ 8,000

LT option: Remove SS. 4,060 lbs, $ 7,650. Cargo capacity: 1 space, 140 lbs.

Arena Option: As LT option, but remove passenger.  Add FOJ back.  Armor: F 40, R 25, L 25, B 25, T 3 U 3.  4,198 lbs, $ 9,241.

Designer’s notes: At the risk of making a cheap knock-off of the Republic Motors Tomahawk, I built this car specifically to fill in for the lack of cars in the $8000 range in the first vehicle guide. The LT option is essentially a “supersized” Stinger, but it has room for a bulk ammo box and a spare tire. The component armor on the power plant is (perhaps cruelly) rigged for third round amateur night duels so that both early driver death and increased salvage values are more likely.

The FOJ variant is intended to be a viable division ten vehicle once a SWC and body armor are added. Note that under 5th edition fire rules, there is a pretty good chance of setting a vehicle on fire if high damages are rolled on any power plant hits with rocket launchers– the component armor on the plant helps to prevent or postpone that. Also, the standard and LT options can make speeds of up to 96 mph without cargo or passengers. (These designs were put together with Klaus Breuer’s design program.)


4 responses to “The FNORD Mulligan…

  1. Jeff R. April 12, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    Nice design – I like that you’ve left space for a passenger — it’s easy to forget that 99% of the vehicles in Autoduel America would be cars for regular people, and the driver or driver-gunnery only paradigm doesn’t work when you’ve got to pick up the wife and get groceries! I also like that, minus the component armor, this design could be from the pocket-box era – well, except that an “official” design from that era would have had 15+ points of armor on the top and bottom.

  2. jeffro April 12, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    I like the first guide for the overall tone– it attempts to show you the most common cars on the road in 2034. Combat showcase has ready-to-play arena designs. Guide II included more vehicle types (trailers, etc.) Guide III included color counters with wrecks. Each one got something right that the others failed to do altogether…. Though the overuse of HD transmissions in CS… and that everything had wheelguards, wheel hubs, and laser guided rockets in VGII… that really makes the books hard to use with a straight face.

    So that leads to… here…. Assume a pocket box baseline… but include “practical” and arena variants for new designs. Season with an occasional Compendium era gadget or two.

    • Earlburt April 14, 2011 at 4:17 pm

      I really like the component armor concept as a way to mitigate damage to arena vehicles and increase salvage value. It’s a good idea at the metagame level (leads to less sucktastic salvage earlier) and at the gameworld level (not having to repair a power plant is worthwhile for arena managers, but proecting the driver?… forgetaboutit.

      • jeffro April 14, 2011 at 4:40 pm

        As Hemlock stated in the forum thread on Amateur Night Vehicles:

        “At least from the perspective of the arena management who wants to keep the cars … if a driver is dead, he can’t collect the salvaged vehicles (or the cash value of the salvaged vehicles). So the more dead drivers there are, the less the arena pays out in winnings to the survivors.”


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