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Respect the Lone Wolf Driver with the Big Block Engine…!

In the photo below you see a Muleskinner (D6 Engine, D8 Driver, D10+2 Armor, D12+1 Weapon) ramming a Linebacker (D10+1 Engine, D12 Driver, D6+1 Armor, D8 Weapon) for a head on collision.  This was the end of a match which the Muleskinner would have won had the ram succeeded.  At the time, I don’t think either of us realized that the Linebacker could turn around and pull off something like this:

"Slowpoke Rodriguez ees not very fast... but he carry a beeg gun!"

  • After the ram was resolved, both the Linebacker and the Muleskinner are stopped… so the Linebacker has to play the shift token on his first maneuver card.  (Technically you can’t shoot from the same card position that has a shift token, but because the Linebacker starts the turn “stopped”, he can fire before he starts moving in reverse… so the mistake is correctable within the rules.)
  • All vehicles are limited to three maneuver cards when going in reverse, regardless of engine size.
  • The total AP cost for the move is 1 AP for firing while stationary, 1 AP for shifting, 3 AP for “easing up” in reverse three times.  To AP cost is 5– so your engine die has to be at least a D10 for you to be able to try this maneuver. 
  • There is a base difficulty of 3 for the “ease up” cards.  There is a difficulty factor of 2 added for the two shots fired while moving.  There is an additional hazard penalty of 1 for moving in reverse and another penalty of 1 is added for stopping at the end of the chain.  So the total roll needed for the maneuver is 7+.  My D12 “Lone World” driver has the +1 bonus tile for winning initiative, so he needs a 6 or better– he’s got better than a 50/50 chance of pulling this off.  (Note that without a skill point reserve, a typical D6 driver would not be able to even think about trying this.)
  • For the damage roll, the Linebacker gets +1 for shooting at a stopped vehicle, +1 for having initiative, and +1 for having both of his foreword weapons combining fire on the Muleskinner.  Even a wimpy D8 gun has a chance of penetrating D10+2 armor with those bonuses…!
  • This is the most complicated situation that’s yet come up in an Outrider game for me… however… if you understand this, you pretty much have a handle on most of the special cases that can possibly come up in the game.  This situation is only difficult because just about all of special cases are happening at once here!

As soon as I saw people playing Outrider and placing their best dice on weapons and armor every single time… I wondered if a car that emphasizes engine and driving skill could stand up to them.  In the situation above, the engine/driving investment clearly paid off.  The d12 driver doesn’t have good to-hit rolls… but he has a large reserve of skill points to put down to improve those chances.  With a d10 engine, he wins initiative often enough to be running at a consistent +1 bonus for everything… and he can more often get a chance to use all three firing options.

Note that, the crazy maneuver above could have been short circuited had the Muleskinner somehow managed to T-bone the Linebacker instead of taking him head-on.  (To get three full shots off, the Linebacker had to start the turn with his guns already facing the Muleskinner.)  On the other hand, if you can ram somebody just before the turn-break and you have better than average chances for winning initiative, you can really ruin somebody’s day if you take the extra risk of the head-on collision.

(My opponent will never short his engine die like that again!  Of course, even with the lousy D6 roll, he still managed to win initiative a couple of times– and that extra +1 bonus made his firepower and armor even more obscene…!)


3 responses to “Respect the Lone Wolf Driver with the Big Block Engine…!

  1. Gregg Lewis DFG June 2, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    These are the moments I live for when playing. The Linebacker is a often overlooked car, but it remains one of my favorites … wait til you see the V2 Linebacker, Raider, Muleskinner, Tailgunner and Trailblazer … muahahhaahhahahaha


  2. Tommy June 17, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    Hi Jeffro
    What game is that?

  3. jeffro June 17, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    That is the print-and-play game Outrider. In my opinion… it is the spiritual heir to the classic CAR WARS black plastic pocket box.

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