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Moving and Game Collections

Well, moving day came and went.

Normally I’ve been out of work during a move, so I could personally pack each box of games with tender loving care.  Heck, I’ve even transported them all myself in a fully loaded air-cooled VW.  (Fortunately my game collection isn’t so big that the Beetle can’t handle it.)  But this time… after taking a lot of flack about putting my games ahead of everyone else’s interests and wasting time with them when there’s a massive load of work to do– this time… I left the packing and moving of my games to eager volunteers.

My CAR WARS collection fared rather well, fortunately.  I keep it all in a set of plastic totes.  “Civilians” don’t seem to reserve any special contempt for these, but seem to appreciate how easy it is to fill up a box with them and then shove in random whatzit on the sides.

Board games?  Yeah, these are square, too.  And even “normal people” can probably understand that you wouldn’t want a new-looking box game randomly crushed.  Shoot, during one move a helper made something of a 3D BLOKUS game out of finding the optimal arrangement of games in a large box.

But this time… this time marked the first real moving casualties for my game collection.

I have this one shelf that I’m allowed to have game books on.  I have it packed with vintage GURPS and Autoventures, Far Future Enterprises Traveller reprints, Labyrinth Lord, Star Fleet Battles stuff, and an extensive set of GURPS Traveller books.

After getting a significant portion of the house unpacked this weeked… I noticed these strange waxy-looking boxes with octagonal shapes and “STAR WARS” written on the side.  What could possibly be in these weird shaped boxes…?  I don’t have any Star Wars stuff to speak of….  So I open one up… and there are my GURPS Traveller perfect bound books jumbled together… warped in a mind-splitting contortion.  I let out a loud, piercing cry of rage and alarm.  How could they…?!  DON’T THEY KNOW THAT TRAVELLER IS ABOUT A MILLION TIMES COOLER THAN STAR WARS?!

I was furious.

The damage wasn’t too bad, I hope.  My Rim of Fire sourcebook had its corners splayed up pretty badly… and my Star Fleet Tactics Manual will be forever creased… but the former will probably suffer as much during heavy play while the latter is the ugly second edition with the horrible cover.  I’m hoping that a few months time sitting upright on the shelf will reverse any warping of the spines.

Ah well.  The help was of the free/neighbourly variety, so I can’t really complain.  My only clue as to what they could have been thinking was that the side of one of the boxes was marked “magazines”.  Evidently “regular people” see a set of perfect bound role playing game books and think they’re old magazines destined for the recycle bin….


One response to “Moving and Game Collections

  1. Runeslinger August 30, 2011 at 2:33 am

    Brutal! I moved in May but only suffered one cover injury. I caught it when it occured so the movers apologized then had me pack the rest… Of course that was too little too late.

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