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In Search of the Unknown: Top Gaming Blogs and Borderlands Buzz

I was curious about what gaming blogs I might be missing out on… and I noticed that a significant portion of the blogs out there that focus on old school gaming seemed to be on Blogger for some reason.  So I built a web spider to go to a game blog and get the front page… then do the same for everything on the bloglist there… and then do everyone bloglisted there… and so on.  I would have ended up downloading almost every single blog on the site if I didn’t stop at some point, so I put in an arbitrary limit of only getting blogs that were up to four degrees of separation from my starting point.  From there I could tally up which blogs were bloglisted the most often and use that to rank them.

At that point, I was sitting on a large pile of HTML and I figured I could search it to see if these select folks were blogging about my favorite stuff.  I sifted through the text for anything that looked like sentences containing the phrase “Keep on the Borderlands” to see what would turn up.  These are my results.  (The number in square brackets is the rank.  The number in parentheses is the number of people that blogrolled that blog given my arbitrary collection of 8000+ blogs.  Note that non-Blogger blogs could sneak into the ranking, but I only spidered on the blogger site, so these are limited, arbitrary results.  Only the “Blogger” bloggers got to vote here!)

[1] Jeffs Gameblog (145)
[2] Beyond the Black Gate (145)
[3] LotFP: RPG (144)
[4] The Society of Torch, Pole and Rope (143)
[5] The Underdark Gazette (131)
[6] Cyclopeatron (125)
[7] B/X BLACKRAZOR (117)
[8] Bat in the Attic (114)
[9] A Paladin In Citadel (114)
[10] Greyhawk Grognard (112)
[11] Trollsmyth (109)
[12] Gothridge Manor (103)
[13] Akratic Wizardry (98)
[14] Dungeons and Digressions (97)
[15] Monsters and Manuals (96)
[16] Swords Against the Outer Dark (96)
[17] Hill Cantons (95)
[18] Sham’s Grog ‘n Blog (90)
[20] Uhluht’c Awakens (84)
[24] Ode to Black Dougal (82) :: EDIT: Oops, one idea I forgot to add was to run Keep on the Borderlands using 4E.
[27] Playing D&D With Porn Stars (77) :: I know that sounds expensive but seriously if you just go to a Patton reading and say “Hey you ever run ‘Keep on the Borderlands’?
[55] Joethelawyer’s Wondrous Imaginings (60) :: Note: under the part dealing with a keep, my players were currently adventuring in mines under the Keep on the Borderlands, so they would have come up after adventuring and have to deal with a full scale mutiny.
[75] The Yaqqothl Grimoire (51) :: So, instead, I’m running The Keep On The Borderlands for the very first time!
[123] The Jovial Priest (34) :: When I played Keep on the Borderlands my players even contemplated casting a sleep spell on the town guard just to get their hands on some chain mail! — A B/X fan of grognard age who having succeeded in my foolish plan to dungeon master Keep on the Borderlands (for the first time) to a bunch of oldie-won kenoobies; now wants to drag them all back to do Isle of Dread.
[125] For A Fistful Of Coppers (33) :: I’ve never explored a megadungeon, visited the Keep On The Borderlands or used a ten foot pole.
[155] People them with Monsters (29) :: The basic framework I’ve started with and am building upon is of course B2: Keep on the Borderlands.
[186] A Wizard in a bottle (25) :: Even if some details don’t match, I found it very inspirationnal for the famous Keep on the borderlands.
[203] The Keep on the Gaming Lands (24) :: Compare that to a description of our lunchtime Keep on the Borderlands game from Tuesday.
[243] Back Screen Pass – A DM’s Secrets (21) :: I align myself nearer to the Sci Fi / Arnesonian / Temple of the Frog school than the Fantasy / Gygax / Keep on the Borderlands camp. — but the rulebook and The Keep on the Borderlands inside are in absolutely perfect condition, and the set still has the original dice, uncolored, with the original crayon!
[313] gnotions (16) :: I was into war games until we gave “The Keep on the Borderlands” a go (Holmes).
[332] Iron Rationales (15) :: I don’t know what’s in the water in the OSR blogging community, but module B2: The Keep on the Borderlands is having a strong showing this weekend.
[498] Where’d my Vorpal Sword Go? (9) :: I decided to combine the keep on the borderlands with 0one’s blueprint for the Caves of Chaos.
[590] Tales from the Dusty Vault (8) :: First there is a section on hazardous environments, as well as a collection of new retainers – including the Assassin, the Castellan (so the Keep on the Borderlands guy gets 2,000gp a month. — My one niggle is the old ‘Keep on the Borderlands’ problem – none of the NPCs have any darn names!
[733] Dungeon Fantastic (6) :: It has Keep on the Borderlands spoilers. — We left off last time at Falcon’s Keep (aka The Keep on the Borderlands), as detailed here. — Right now I’m running The Keep on the Borderlands Click on war stories in post tags to see the post-session wrapups and campaign notes. — It has Keep on the Borderlands spoilers.
[875] Legacy of the Bieth (5) :: It’s certainly a departure from the sandboxy modules like Keep on the Borderlands, a bit more linear, with clearly defined choice moments.
[5660] Dragonlance D&D Game Blog (1) :: After the events of the last few sessions ( A Different Keep on the Borderlands – Part 4 and The Test ), the rest of the party continued tr.


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