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Dungeons & Dragons Big Box

So I was asking my kids what kind of game stuff they’d like for Christmas. I suggested Settlers of Cataan or Carcassonne Big Box. (The “Big Box” edition of Carcassonne has most of the expansions and always blew my kids’ minds when they would browse the game store with me. In their world, it is an epic end-all-be-all box game of awesomeness.) Immediately my six year old daughter says we should get Dungeons and Dragons Big Box and her brother was in complete agreement. I asked them what should be in the box and the only thing they could think of was a dragon mini– that had to be in there!

So… what would you get to put in a Dungeons & Dragons “Big Box”? Any suggestions?


2 responses to “Dungeons & Dragons Big Box

  1. Peter December 2, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    – Assorted minis would be a good idea – and you can take a leaf from Pathfinder and make characters for them, too. Or Cardboard Heros – a set from SJG is going to be cheaper than a bunch of pre-painted plastic no matter how you get it. Terrain minis are fun – I use a bunch of old Mage Knight stuff for chairs, fountains, tables, etc. A dragon mini is a must.

    – Nice character sheets, pad-printed, so they can write new characters, peel them off, and go.

    – A player’s copy and a GM’s copy of whatever rules set you use (red box D&D and Expert set, LL, GURPS Lite and the DF rules, S&W, whatever)

    – A dry-erase map board from Chessex and some pens.

    – A GM’s screen!

    – Multiple sets of nice, distinct and easy to read dice.

    That’s what I can think of right now, anyway.

    • jeffro December 2, 2011 at 7:19 pm

      Yeah… definitely dice, “gem” type markers, some Reaper prepainted plastics… and that Chessex map & pens.

      I just had an idea for them: the Dungeons and Dragons Choose Your Own Adventure books by Rose Estes! They don’t even know that those exist…!

      My Cardboard Heroes from my GURPS Basic Set (2nd Edition) and GURPS Traveller Referee Screen have held up surprisingly well in spite of some attrition. The ones I’ve printed out online look well enough but are too flimsy even with the thicker paper I print them out with. They kill the ink supply, so they’re actually expensive. Maybe I’ll ask Staples about what they can do, but if a clueless person is behind the desk, they aren’t much use….

      A true D&D “Big Box” is probably too crazy expensive to pull off right now, but I guess I can wing it. I’ve had my eye on some of those D&D 4e terrain packs, but I have no idea if I would regret the purchase or not. (The inability to easily segue into GURPS with the layouts is a big annoyance.)

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