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Gallagher Autodueling Stadium Designer’s Notes

Earlburt enjoys researching the Autodueling scene of 2029 and developing maps of the arenas of that era. He kindly provided Jeffro’s CAR WARS blog with these notes for the arena that served as the site of one of our recent matches:

The Gallagher Autoduelling Stadium in Toledo, OH, was built in 2027 with funds raised by the Erie Shores Troop, Scout Commando Corps. It was built on the football field of an old Catholic high school. Gallagher is not AADA sanctioned, has a .5 prestige modifier, but is +1 to medical rolls due to the diligence of the Scouts in attending the wounded. [Note: we allow a saving throw against death in our games. Roll 2d6 plus the arena modifier; if the result is higher than the damage that “killed” you, your character survives due to the miracles of modern medicine.]

The barriers are designed specifically so that drivers will not be subject to flanking fire immediately out of the gate and to encourage more “honorable” jousting style action (at least to start). The Scouts have a custom whereby they lob grenades into the corners if they feel a cowardly driver is avoiding action by taking unnecessary loops around the perimeter.

Ready to duel: dice, measuring tape, vehicle design sheets, variant speed mod charts... and an all-new arena to play in!

Gallagher does not host Divisional dueling. Most duels are in an amateur night format, with grudge matches and the like being a common format as well.

CAR WARS source material does not mention Toledo anywhere, but to me, it seems like a city that would have survived, though with great loss/flight of population during the Blight and Food Riots. I looked at the geography of Toledo with an eye to deciding where the boundaries would be if it were to become a fortress town. Keeping its back to the Maumee river and using the I-75 loop around the city seemed like an obvious and easy way to define Toledo in the 2020s. With borders established, I surveyed google maps to find a suitable location for an autoduelling stadium. Central Catholic High School, and its football field, seemed ideally situated in the middle of town and a totally plausible site for a small, low-end arena.

“Not AADA sanctioned” in this case means only that it has no AADA affiliation and events do not have any effect on AADA member ratings. It does not imply that an arena is out of compliance with AADA safety standards. Only that the arena is not subject to those standards. Gallagher is well within, and indeed exceeds, the safety norms of 2029.

2 responses to “Gallagher Autodueling Stadium Designer’s Notes

  1. RogerBW December 14, 2011 at 7:51 am

    Looking at my list, I think the main competition would come from the Detroit-Ann Arbor cluster (Belle Isle Duelpark, Hammer Downs, Dearborn Arena, Cloverleaf Arena, Amex Proving Grounds, Chrysler Arena). They’re all about 40-50 miles up the road (I-75 or US 23). So I’d expect Gallagher to attract mostly a local crowd – entirely in keeping with your suggestion that it’s largely Amateur Night events.

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