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Dungeons and Dragons… BIG BOX!

These are the “Dungeons & Dragons BIG BOXes” I prepared for my kids for Christmas. Okay, they’re not gigantic– I wanted to gauge how well they liked each of the bits before I got more stuff. (That, and also… I’m a cheap dad.)

  • The extra-large D20’s were impressive, but it looks like they won’t get played with unless we have a game going. Last time we played, I was annoyed that I couldn’t quickly find the fightin’ dice amid the big pile. That won’t happen again.
  • My son was mighty impressed with the Purple Worm and quickly opened it and let it eat things, but my daughter waited a day to open her Red Dragon. These Reaper non-randomized prepainted figures look like a decent value that won’t be destroyed by the little ones.
  • The marker thingies have not left the baggies, yet. Even worse… I saw whole bags of them in the fish section of the Pet Superstore– I overpaid and the kids aren’t impressed too much, either!
  • The Endless Quest books were a great value via Amazon– they are getting read and reread already. Dungeon of Dread is a straight ahead dungeon crawl by a fighter and halfling-thief. Pillars of Pentagarn has a traditional party of wizard, fighter, and elf-thief– but it introduces a lame kid with his buddies Owl, Fox, and Tree. The tropes are all relatively old school and they are lavishly illustrated.
  • The boxes: they were cheap at WalMart and have room for more stuff. My son already keeps his dice set that he bought with his own money in it, so he gets the idea.
It’s the little things that mean the most, though. This was the first present my son went for and he actually said “thank you” with each bit that he opened. (I have no idea how he learned that….) If you think about the gaming collection that could be amassed with small outlays over the course of several birthdays and holidays… wow! We’ll see if D&D is still the hot thing at my house this time next year, though….


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