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Ardmore Arena Designer’s Notes

In our last session, Earlburt debuted two new maps for our CAR WARS 2029 campaign. He has graciously provided this blog with following designer’s notes. (See here for notes on the first arena of this set.)

The Ardmore Arena (formerly the Hardy Murphy Coliseum) in Ardmore, Oklahoma, built in 2026, is as a joint venture between OKoCo and the Two Eagles Oil Company. Hardy Murphy Coliseum was a multi-purpose event center, often used for horse shows and the like. It fell into disrepair in the 1980s and the building and grounds languished for decades until the two energy companies decided to build an autodueling arena for two purposes– for their own company dueling teams and to provide something to occupy the time of the downtrodden, hopeless, regular citizens of Ardmore. It is not AADA sanctioned, and is PR1 (normal). It is +1 medical to company employees, and -1 for everyone else.

Click to embiggen….

The existence of Ardmore Arena is mentioned in Road Atlas 6, but is not mapped anywhere. The atlas says only that the arena is weekends only; that Amateur Night is very popular; and that gas events are common. Running gas events made it a good fit for an energy company to sponsor. I looked at a map to find potential grounds or buildings for conversion to a dueling arena. Special event centers, particularly those catering to horses or cars, and with stadium seating, are among my favorite real-life places to adapt to dueling arenas.

I liked that by connecting the front and back halves of the actual venue with two tunnels, and placing big bunkers in the middle of each section, the arena can easily be used as a slalom for high-speed gas racing, which is appropriate for the Free Oil States.


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