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CAR WARS Rogue Arena at Origins 2011

I didn’t get to play CAR WARS at Origins because I was covering the GURPS Prime Directive sessions due to Gary Plana calling in sick. I did get to see the the set-up and the guy running it gladly told me all about his house rules. The things he’s done to the game… it completely blew my mind. Think of all the awesome things that needed doing in CAR WARS that every teenager back in the day knew in their hearts ought to be done, but that no sane game designer would ever unleash. That’s this dude’s game. I didn’t get to witness the destruction personally, but it is evidently a big deal. Io9 reports this:

“Rogue Arena is such a popular event at Origins that there was a line of people hoping to gain entry, even though all 16 seats had sold out four days earlier. This is the 8th year that Rogue Arena has been run at Origins, and the Rogue Judges plan on running many more. For next year, they’re even considering expanding the city block, so be warned: Even more carnage is definitely on the way.”

The photo above is from Chris at The Dice Hate Me who got to talk CAR WARS with Steve Jackson at GenCon Indianapolis. Wah!


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