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Thousand Suns Readalong Chapter 15: Limzano

This chapter presents Thousand Sun’s answer to Traveller’s Spinward Marches and Solomani Rim sectors. And the answer here is mostly a big fat “no.” No… you don’t get basic census data for every single world on the map. No… you don’t get useless astronomical data like in GURPS Space and the Space Atlas series.. No… every single world is not given local color and flavor text a la the disastrous Behind the Claw book. No… it doesn’t try to one-up the massive scope of products like Gateway and 1248. It’s closer to Martin J. Doughtery’s Bowman Arm book and John G. Wood’s JTAS Deneb material– ie, the overall design values are in line with the only Traveller material published in the last decade or so that I’ve been able to wrap my head around and actually get to a game table.

As for the tone of what we have here… you get a successfully seceded Confederacy type entity (the Brown coats won!), a potentially intrusive “Alliance” that can threaten that success, jack-booted Hen Jaa bug eyed monsters, and disorganized but opportunistic super-men adding additional chaos to this fragile détente. It’s not bad as an adventure location; in fact, it sort of synthesizes all the major Traveller campaign setting types and puts them all into close proximity. Chapter 14 was so successful in firing me up to make my own Thousand Suns universe, I’m less enthused for developing this particular setting. As a worked example, though, it is excellent.


  • page 261: Traveller or Traveler?
  • page 262: Steele or Steel?
  • page 262: “not matter how dangerous”

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