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Sarah Hoyt’s “Infinite Worlds” Setting

This passage from chapter two of Sarah Hoyt‘s Witchfinder provides a pretty good premise for an Infinite Worlds and Thaumatology campaign:

Most [of] the Earths, spread out along the magical continuum of several universes, blocked from each other only by the thinnest of energy veils, called themselves Earth.  And most of them thought they were quite unique – the only Earth in the only universe, inhabited by the only humans.  Avalon, their own Earth, knowing there were many had given itself that name.  Legend maintained that it was the oldest of the Earths, the one from which all the earths had fractured away, when Merlin had been captured and imprisoned.  The occluding of his world-encompassing power had caused magic itself to fracture and the Earth to copy itself over and over – most of the copies retaining no magic, and those that did retain it often undertaking to forbid it.

Avalon citizens were not allowed to travel to other worlds.  King Arthur XXVII had confirmed the prohibition first instituted centuries ago.  Even the kidnapping of the princess Royal — the only child of the king — out of her cradle, when Seraphim himself was a nurseling, presumed to have been a plot from another world,  hadn’t lifted the prohibition.

And because the cartographers’ designations didn’t suit his mind, Seraphim gave names of his own coining to those worlds to which he travelled routinely in an attempt to save from death as many magicians and witches as possible,.  There was Pyramids and Swamp – which was not one, but a foetid world mired in superstition and covered in vermin – Slum and Desert and – for a particularly noxious world – Madhouse.

Witchfinder is being posted on Sarah Hoyt’s blog for free one chapter at a time… but note that this is a fairly early draft, so typos are liable to show up. Hoyt’s style seems to be geared towards short, action packed chapters that are brimming with gameable ideas. At any rate, I liked it well enough to pick up a copy of Darkship Thieves.


One response to “Sarah Hoyt’s “Infinite Worlds” Setting

  1. 2alay2 Gaming April 18, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    I must admit I never Witchfinder but this except definitely has me interested. Thanks for sharing this! As aspiring fantasy writers my wife and I find table top RPGs to be great resources for our fiction.

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