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Ogre Walktrough: A Mark III Goes Out for a Snack

Here’s the thing about an Ogre. If you’re playing the old micro-game, you just feel awesome when a dozen counters the same size as you melt away. But when you’re pushing a multi-hex miniature around and the defense starts to eliminate your firepower, it just doesn’t seem fair. Yes, you are a gigantic cybernetic tank that strikes fear in the heart of conventional forces the world over… but that doesn’t mean you can take shots from the defense forces that you could have otherwise avoided. It’s a bitter pill.

In the situation below, the Mark III has just had his main battery shot off and the G.E.V.’s have used their last three hexes of movement to scatter. Where would you move and what would you shoot at?

Most novices will want to just go straight in three hexes. This is bad for a lot of reasons. In the first place, it gives the howitzer that’s not visible here a free shot at the Ogre. Second… every single armor unit on the defense will get to shoot at the Ogre on their turn. Finally, the only thing the Ogre will get for it is one dead G.E.V.– that’s the only thing the Ogre’s secondary batteries will be in range for!

The thing to do here would be to sideslip three hexes to the left. The Ogre’s four secondary batteries could deal a lot of hurt to those two G.E.V.’s over there. A missile could probably put down that lone heavy tank that’s on that side of the board, too. The howitzer would be out of range. And get this: the defense’s payback would consist of just two G.E.V.’s and one missile tank. That’s it!

When you’re playing the Ogre, don’t just head right into the middle of a bunch of defenders. Yeah, it probably comes to that sooner or later, but it pays off if you check to see if you can flank them and take them out piecemeal instead. You’re big and you’re tough… but you still have to be cunning. Make the defense work for it!

Ogre is the #1 Board Game on Kickstarter with $261,786 in funding.

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