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Ogre Walkthrough: The Mid-game Melee

This is a pretty horrible position for the Ogre, but as we’ll see… the defenders will pay dearly for it. The Ogre has opted to drive straight up the middle and the defense has swarmed him. Even worse, the howitzer can hit the Ogre, but the Ogre’s remaining missile is out of range of the howitzer. The Ogre will get four strength-2 attacks (from the G.E.V.’s), three strength-4 attacks (from the heavy tanks), one strength-6 attack (from the howitzer), and two strength-3 attacks (from the missile tank and an infantry group.)

The Ogre takes his licks, the G.E.V.’s scatter… and then… the Ogre rolls over two heavy tanks (killing one and disabling the other), then he uses his secondary batteries to take out a G.E.V. and finish off a wounded tank. The rams will cost a total of four tread points because the heavies cost double for that, but the defense’s power is greatly diminished. The defense tries to take solace in the fact that the howitzer will get another chance to shoot at the Ogre!

This illustrates how an Ogre with its full movement rate can be a deadly foe even when it has expended missiles and had some of its guns shot off.

Note: This post skipped over a couple of turns since the previous post and are pictured here and here.

Ogre is the #1 Board Game on Kickstarter with $269,269 in funding.

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2 responses to “Ogre Walkthrough: The Mid-game Melee

  1. Itinerant Hobbyist May 3, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    Last played this when I was 14. 28 years later I’ve sent over $100 and backed the kickstarter!

    I found your site after I backed it and read update 19, where thy link to your site.

    Thanks for the series – how did it end?

    • jeffro May 3, 2012 at 1:00 pm

      Thanks for supporting this great game!

      More posts in the series are on the way. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but… here’s a clue: lots of infantry die tragic deaths. ;)

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