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If You Want to Kickstart CAR WARS in 2013…

Then please go buy the shirt! Go to the Ogre Kickstarter and select one of the following reward levels:

$23 – Car Wars Supporter Level. You get the multicolored shirt that says “I Made Steve Jackson Work On Car Wars.” And, of course, access to the private forum if we hit the stretch goal! US only, please – but see $30.

 $30 – Car Wars Supporter Level, International. You get the multicolored shirt that says “I Made Steve Jackson Work On Car Wars.” And, of course, access to the private forum if we hit the stretch goal! The shirt will fit in a USPS International box and we can ship it anywhere at all. It will be possible to tuck the small extras, Ogre dice or lapel pins, into that box for no extra shipping.

If you are already buying Ogre stuff on Kickstarter, then please go increase your pledge by $23/$30.

The CAR WARS t-shirt will have artwork from the pocket box edition– and I think the text on the shirt will depend on a soon-to-be-released survey, so keep an eye on the Kickstarter updates. Buried in the comments on update #25 is Steve Jackson’s  explanation of why they are doing things this way:

“Will Kickstarter CW happen in 2013 no matter what?” Nope. As those of you who play both games know, they’re very different. CW is more complex and takes longer to play a normal scenario – so playtesting is much more time-consuming. The rulebook is what, ten times as long? Everything interacts with everything else, though we can automate the math part of the vehicle-building and save a lot of time compared to 1981. If it’s done right, a new edition of Car Wars will be way harder for us than Ogre has been. Phil has made it clear that the initial funding goal would not be the token $20K that we set for Ogre; it would be well into the six figures. WHICH six figures depends largely on what the planning surveys tell us you want. (If you ask for a reissue of the Pocket Box edition, with no changes, then okay, not so hard. But that won’t be what you ask for.) 

Even the planning run-up, months before the project launch, will take a lot of management man-hours and some coding man-hours, which will be well covered if Ogre hits another $100K from right now, but not if it stalls. $700K was NOT a randomly chosen number . . . At any rate, both Phil and I want to revisit Car Wars someday, but it is not the kind of foregone conclusion that Ogre was. Nor are we willing to start another big initiative to get in the way of Munchkin (and now Ogre!!), unless we know that we are making what the market wants AND that the market is out there.

So buy the shirt!


4 responses to “If You Want to Kickstart CAR WARS in 2013…

  1. earlburt May 7, 2012 at 8:59 am

    Thanks for posting. I would not have noticed the Car Wars addition if you hadn’t brought attention to it. Indeed, I wouldn’t have noticed Ogre either. You’re my lifeline to the SJG universe.

  2. RogerBW May 7, 2012 at 9:44 am

    Good news if it works. I think 700K may be optimistic, but it’s broken 600K now, so it might yet happen.

  3. JeffintheWest May 11, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    And so they did — $923K (and change) with well over 5000 backers. See you all at the Car Wars Kickstarter!

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