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Care Package for a Lone Wolf Autoduelist

I pulled the old Killer Kart into the drive last Saturday and found this on my porch: a care package from Michael Owen at SWAT HQ:

Epic! The Road Atlas and Survival Guides are worth it just for the mini-scenarios provided on a state-by-state basis. The GURPS adventure is the icing on the cake– especially as third and fourth edition GURPS has shied away from publishing adventures. More rules for first edition GURPS Autoduel… articles on stuff like BLUD and the Brotherhood. I don’t really grok the road atlas portions, but Earlburt always seems to be sussing stuff out of it for the campaign. If you ever wondered where all the role playing material in Autoduel Quarterly went… this is it!

 The stuff in the upper left corner is Dungeon #98/Polyhedron #152 (“Thunderball Rally” for D20 Modern) and D20 Apocalypse. Thunderball Rally is surprisingly complete and seems to be strongly influenced by Cannonball Run. My D20-fu is weak– I guess I need a copy of D20 Modern to run those…? How many editions of that have there been and which ones work with this stuff…? (I also have Redline D20.)

Thanks a lot, Michael!

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