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Free RPG Day!

Neither of my local gaming type stores are participating in Free RPG Day. Boo hoo. I’ll survive, though… because out on the internet, every day is free rpg day! Here are my picks for free games you can get not just today, but all the time:

  • Legends of the Ancient World — Quick playing, accessible, and well designed… this game is a stripped down variation of Steve Jackson’s first role playing game. It’s a great way to get the 8 to 10 age set on board with the hobby.
  • Labyrinth Lord — This is the most popular retro-clone of the original fantasy role playing game. Not only is it available as a free pdf, but you can get perfect bound copies of it from Lulu for a reasonable price.
  • Flare Star — This adventure for Traveller was written by the brothers Keith and was originally published in The Space Gamer magazine. Pure retro-gaming gold.


If you know of any other excellent old school gaming goodies that can be had for free, please post them in the comments.


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