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The Donjebruche Campaign: Act Two

I used the Black Nebula and Galactic Survey Cruiser articles from this issue in order to scrounge up some believable chrome for this particular portion of the game….

“… The Galactic Survey Cruiser Magellan has been missing for weeks, tensions are rising in the neutral zone with every incident instigated by our cowboy Star Fleet captains, and now… a Klingon citizen is murdered in his own apartment by Federation members.”

A picture of X’al Fen appears onscreen… along with a horrible, leering composite sketch of Fred and Captain Jack– they only vaguely resemble the characters.

“Where do you see all of this leading, Olivette?”

“Oh clearly these incidents are all rooted in the same sort of bigotry that spawned the Oh Too Border Declaration. When, I ask you, are the people of the Federation going to wake up to this…?!”

(SPOILER WARNING: If you intend to play the adventure that is included with GURPS Humanx, you probably shouldn’t read any further!)

So the players are at the hospital with Marcus Kane after he got beat up. All they have to do is find the owner of a data wafer… but… right there on Marcus’s character’s sheet it says, “Quirks: Can never remember names.” Marcus is the only one that heard Tarsh’s last words… and he can’t remember who Tarsh said to take the wafer to. Priceless!

The appointment book has an expected entry for the previous evening: “8:30 Tarsh Banshee Piece.” For the day before that, it says “9:45 Rokerig Banshee $40,000,” but it is crossed out and next to it is scrawled, “Cancelled– Rechedule– Top Priority.” The party can’t make anything out of this, so they head back to the hotel room to find some clues. Some unfazeable Union Workers are fixing up the place, so Skexis climbs in through a window. Marcus is very upset about these rude Union people not letting him in and punches one out. Meanwhile, Skexis has discovered that the room is completely redone for the next guest– there’s even a chocolate on the pillow. He nabbed a pad of hotel stationary before getting “scatted” back out the window. The party then ran away from the angry mob of union workers.

Now this stupid pad… it was supposed to be a quick puzzle to make the players pay for Marcus’s quirk. But Skexis had nearly fallen off the ledge several stories up and Marcus had made some new enemies. I thought this was a pretty obvious thing, but no one seemed to get it. Then it turns out… Marcus’s player knew good and well that the name they sought was lightly etched into the pad where someone had written on it… but he was roleplaying his “big lunk” personae and so was pretending not to get it! Oh well…. Here’s what was written on the pad:


I am sick of the sort of low lifes this current assignment brings me into contact with. Can you please transfer me back into the accounting department after I aquire this last piece? 


Karn Cheyeng

With the forgotten name finally reacquired, Captain Jack heads back to the bar to run these Klingon sounding names past the warriors that were there the night before. He finds out that Muankaal is a powerful Klingon merchant– probably one of the most successful traders in Donjebruche– and that he’s in the tall mirrored building in the business district.

Before heading over to the business district, the party stops by Captain Jack’s pad to get X’al Fen’s drawer. They try to pick a lock on it, but can’t figure out how. (There are no openings or mechanisms that you can discern by which you could open the drawer. It appears to be all of one piece. Perhaps a panel made from the same material as the drawer was inserted into it… and then… somehow it was was bonded to the sides at a molecular level. It sounds crazy… but that’s all you can imagine….) The party then let Marcus bust the drawer open with the heel of his boot:

As Marcus’s heel crushes the side of the drawer, you hear a loud crack. Everyone in the room is nearly deafened by a combination of static and a high pitched screaming sound. The drawer is smashed… and scattered on the floor now are three or four pieces of some sort of fin-like object. The whining sound is replaced by… perhaps it is an awful red-alert siren from a parallel universe. As you recover from your temporary shock, you notice that one edge of the fin has what looks like a red, glowing radiator grill. Gradually over the course of thirty seconds or so, the siren gets quieter while the red glow gets dimmer and dimmer.

The party is disappointed because they don’t expect to get any money for this item now…. They decide to call Muankaal’s building and get in touch with him. Skexis gets his secretary and he tells her  it’s a private matter for him regarding Tarsh, Xal Fen, and Rokerig.

You hear the female accessing computer information in the background with awesome 1960’s style sound effects. “I’m sorry, but Muankaal is extremely busy this week. I don’t have any important contracts listed in our databanks regarding anyone by those names. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Stymied yet again, the party heads over to the business district to figure out how to get some money from this Muankaal guy– even if it risks yet another violent confrontation…. They get to the business district and find out its gated– with Black Nebula mercenaries making everyone check their weapons. Marcus can’t handle this and starts a scuffle with them. He goes down in a flail of fists as his shirt gets ripped off.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party slips into the business district armed to the tooth. (Marcus is that good of a diversion.) They go into the Red Kindjal Traders building and are confronted with… an attractive Klingon secretary with truly epic bushy eyebrows. She makes them explain their business, but sends them on in once she sees the data wafer. A huge bear-ape Slirdarian escorts them to a conference room. The party finally meets the mysterious Muankaal. He turns out to be a distinguished looking middle-aged Klingon.

“Well, my friends,” he says in a deep bass of a voice, “it seems you can shed some light on a few matters that trouble me, can you not?”

To be continued…!


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