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Guest Post: Into the Desert

The characters are instructed to make their way southeast in small groups, along the River Redriff, to Jackelford, which serves as gathering point and staging area for the expedition. There they find a very well organized and supplied encampment, where animal handlers, tradesman, clerks and scouts are making ready for the journey ahead.

The commander of the expedition is Viscount Langardeaux, a displaced noble from the northeast of Far Imran. He is superior, no-nonsense and coordinates with military efficiency. The foreman and logistical point man is Boufon, a skittish Scumville native.

The characters observe a handful of oddities in camp. It becomes manifest that there are to be two groups, traveling separately. The larger group, mostly Amranin, will travel with all the tradesmen and most of the supplies. A smaller group, made up of 15-20 Orcs and a single halfling, will travel light, fast and mostly at night, making contact with the main group from time to time.

In addition to numerous porters, animal handlers and tradesmen (fletcher, smith, etc.), there is a falconer, a bat master, and a farseer (magician) who works closely with them. Langardeaux travels with a small bodyguard and a Halfling chef. A foreigner named Cagot, also with a bodyguard, commands a small staff of clerks and cartographers.

There are also mercenaries, with no obvious non-martial role or skills. They are given menial tasks to perform by Boufon, but they are clearly there to provide a combat capability. A pair of Elves round out the unusual company.

The orc party heads out that night. The main group leaves early in the morning, amid the grunts and moans of many camels. At first heading southeast, in a few hours the group turns due south, away from the belt of fertile land along the river and out into the desert. In a few days, rocky hard-packed desert gives way to rolling sand dunes.

The caravan zigs-zags in a general southeasterly direction. The farseer works constantly, both night and day, gathering intelligence from bird and bat and passing it along. Course corrections are made from time to time. All the higher-ups are tight lipped about the destination, if any.

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