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In the Mail to a Select Group of Elite Gamers

Over the years that I have done this blog, I have received a small pile of hard-to-find autodueling game supplements from longtime Car Wars fans from around the country. I have always been something of a slacker and not sent anything back to the guys that were kind enough to do that for me. I rationalized this by telling myself that other people live near stores that have lots of used games… or maybe I’d think, hey– in return I’ll just keep on blogging! (Boy, that was nice of me….) Yep, year after year has gone by and I’ve looked at other people’s Christmas time giveaways, their secret gaming Santa thingies, their Santicore offerings, all of it .. and wondered why I didn’t have the holiday chops to pull off something similar. Well, no more!

But what do you give to the autoduelist that has everything…? (Maybe you guys have complete collections already, so what can I really do? No… I can’t just send y’all the handful of dupes of old ADQ issues I have laying around!) Well… I happen to know someone that has developed brand-spanking new arena maps for the game. Snazzy stuff, nice to look at… fun to play on. They’re even well researched and placed in the game world, too. Yep, Earlburt whipped these suckers up… and he kindly agreed to run off some extra copies and send them to you, the long time Jeffro’s Car Wars Blog supporter. I hope you like them! It’s been great gaming with you and I hope we can do something like this again next year. (And thanks to Earlburt for providing the artistic skills to pull this off– nice work, man.)

Merry Christmas, you guys. You are all good friends and gaming heroes to boot. Keep on duellin’!


3 responses to “In the Mail to a Select Group of Elite Gamers

    • jeffro January 8, 2013 at 3:51 pm

      Oh, you didn’t get one…? You must not have been a good little autoduelist last year!

      It’s not enough that you help keep our roads safe from bandits and EDSEL. You must also support legislation to help preserve our right to bear vehicular arms! With the dissolution of the AADA almost a decade ago, it’s more important than ever that us duelists pull together!

      • Johnny Knittle January 8, 2013 at 4:11 pm

        But just last night I killed 6 Mad Dogs in 30 seconds during Route ‘Em! from ADQ 6-4 and next Monday I’ll be bettering all humanity by completing Green Circle Blues. I even completed a successful Convoy last month. I would think that merits at least oneeeeee arena? Pleaseee?

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