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Looking Back on 2012

What a year! I can hardly believe it. Comparing this to what I wrote in 2011… well… there just isn’t any comparison.

The feedback I’ve gotten from doing these posts this year really inspired me to keep at it. Thanks for reading.

Car Wars posts — You know, this is what I’m supposed to dish out here, so these get top billing.

The big series on Madicon 21 — You know… this was a lot of fun.

My series on game mastering — The ideas in this came to me in a flash of inspiration; years ago I would have just stewed about it for a few days and then forget about it… but I put myself on a schedule and developed it all until I got through everything I had to say.

Earlburt’s guest posts on The Lost City — I was very pleased when my long time Car Wars opponent started running B/X D&D again. I was even happier when he agreed to do this series for me.

My Series on Steve Jackson’s first role playing game and its descendents — I was pretty excited to get hold of a firsthand account of what Steve Jackson was like as a game master back in the Metagaming days. That’s gotta be my biggest scoop evah!

More Old School D&D:

The Big Ogre Walkthrough — This became the most-read series in the history of this blog when Steve Jackson himself linked to it from the Ogre Kickstarter update. Three thousand people clicked onto the first one… and a third of those read to the end. (Yeah… I never did post on the end game….)

Thousand Suns readalong — Man, I can’t believe I actually slogged through this.  I kept to the schedule and I learned a trick of editing the queued up posts when I wasn’t awake enough to spin out a new installment. Special thanks to Roger Burton West for sticking with me all the way through to the end!


Tolkien Reader Discussion Questions — Okay, these wasn’t the most successful thing I ever did, but it did give me some insight into why Kili and Fili had to die next to Thorin at the Battle of Five Armies. It also explains why your retainers would do the same for your player character!

Odds and Ends:


3 responses to “Looking Back on 2012

  1. Chris Mata December 18, 2012 at 9:41 am

    I hadn’t realized you ran the Thousand Suns segment. I am gonna read that this week.

    I need to look back and see how long I have been lurking and following the blog.

  2. James Darby January 2, 2013 at 12:27 am

    Hi Jeff,

    Back in the day (30 years ago) myself, my two sons, then 12/9 played extensively with about ten of their school friends. We played once a week for many years a regular contest and intermident stuff in between, one of my sons Christened his son and many of the old team where there. So I am writing a new senario and wanted to enquire about a Folding Stock SMG fitting into a Armoured Battle Vest?.

    In the coming senario

    Each Contestant will arrive with a maximum of 10 men. 1000 skill points between the team with a maximum skill level on any one craft (running, driver, hand gunner, martial arts etc) of 2. The men along with vehicles (there will be no restrictions as to the number of random vehicles allowed at this stage ) will appear randomly and separately among the expanse of Midville. Only booby traps and plastique bomb devices are prohibited at this stage.

    As yet I have not finalised the extensive budget which will be around $300,000. There will also be three or four vehicles that each contestant will have the plans for which shall also be randomly placed in Midville. I have done the plans for some. A major Advanced Granade Launcher maker is promoting the new launcher by putting up a fitted out Semi Trailer as prize money as one of the randomly placed vehicles.

    A Rocket Pack Company has also agreed to provide as many $10,000 100lb Rocket Packs as the number of teams enterring. Max speed up 10mph, horizontal 20mph. Flown with one hand and requiring Rocket Pack craft.

    Rocket Pack School has any number of wanna be Mercenaries with the following crafts. Driver 0; Gunner 0; Runner 0, Cyclist 0, Trucky 0, Pilot 0, Hang glider 0, Hover Pilot 0,

    Martial Arts 0, Rocket Pack Craft 0, Hand gunner 0, body builder 0 who will each be allocated a team to join before shoot off.

    An Amoured Battle Vest Company and a Folding Stock Company are outfitting the 11th man, who shall arrive wearing and using Alternative Encumberance Rules CWC2 and each team will have an 11th man allocated to them.

    Body Armour 3DP 5lbs (cant remember wgt exactly, Im at work)

    ABV 3DP 5 lbs (cant remember wgt exactly)

    SMG FS LTS HPammo 10lbs (Folding Stock makes the smg 3lbs lighter and fits the smg into the ABV)

    bayonet 0.5lbs

    ERIS Remote for the randomly placed promo vehicles 0.5lbs

    2 x tear gas grenades 2lbs

    Extra smg mag APA

    Rocket back Pack 100lbs

    riot shield 25lbs

    Tear gas discharger for back of rocket pack with $50 link from Rocket Pack starter key to Discharger.

    At arriving in Midville orders shall have to be written for the movement/action of each of the Peds.

    ’11th man” ORDERS 1/ ; Fit SMG with APA strap Riot Shield onto back of Rocket Pack and wait for the starter’s GUNSHOT.

    So that is my story Jeff and now I can wish you a Happy New Year.

    James Darby

  3. James Darby January 5, 2013 at 12:45 am

    Am I correct in surmising that “Body Builder base 0 gives the Ped a max weight of 225LBS?

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