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Gaming Notes March 24, 2013

“Alliance Game Distributors has a huge Car Wars banner on display at this year’s GAMA show.” — reported by davester64 and Immortal on the Car Wars forum.

A grab bag of news and notes from around the web:

(Akratic Wizardry) ‘High Gygaxian’ and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons — “By making D&D into something safe and accessible that anyone could understand and play, it became something nobody wanted to play.”

(Amarillo Design Bureau) This Week at ADB, Inc., 10-16 March 2013 — Steve Cole has “chatted with Ken Burnside about the Squadron Strike module for the Star Fleet Universe.” (This would be a table top, moderately fast playing starship dueling game that allows for 3D maneuvering… but which handles the crazy math with some clever game design tricks.)

(Huge Ruined Pile) I think I’m done with blogging — A sign of the times… yet another OSR blog closes its virtual doors.

(Zenopus Archives) Obscure Art Friday: Sphere of Doom by Greg Bell — Zenopus uncovers secrets of a classic Beholder drawing, including how it was changed for the Greyhawk supplement, who the artist cribbed from, and the original name of this beasty.

(Once More Unto the Breach!) End-of-Week Elmore (3/22/13) — Ugh! This picture from the Second Edition AD&D Player’s Handbook is so awful, it was enough by itself to make me walk way from role playing in general and switch to Axis & Allies as my go to gaming of choice. Wow.

(Tenkar’s Tavern) Dwimmermount Update #48: Good News Emerges from the Dungeon — It’s like an albatross around the neck of the OSR…. I’d so much like to see this put to bed and I don’t even have a dollar sunk into it.

(RPG Snob) GURPS Fantasy: A Barebones Setting Idea — The GURPS oriented gaming blogs have lit up in response to this hex crawl campaign concept posted by Jason Packer. Both Gaming Ballistic and Dungeon Fantastic have developed the idea further by “pouring some sand into the sandbox.”

(Blue Boxer Rebellion) Me, the OSR, Kickstarter, Dwimmermount, and Me — “As a driver of big-scale published works, the OSR is done now. Its output has evolved from ballsy is-this-even-legal appropriations of 1st Edition to easy pastiches of the least valuable artifacts of the early days, like rambling megadungeons and superficial re-skinnings of 1e that try to approximate other genres like sf. I think we’ll see more OSR blogs go quiet in the coming months.”

(Car Wars Forum) Phil Reed has posted a public summary of the Kickstarter decisions derived from the results of the secret polls. “Car Wars will be a complete redesign. Vehicle design will be deep with options and complexity similar to 2.5 (and, likely, using fixed body sizes), and the actual sit down and play time must be faster.”


One response to “Gaming Notes March 24, 2013

  1. Charlie Warren March 24, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Interesting post. The news about Car Wars is particularly cool!

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