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Gaming Notes March 31, 2013

(Paul’s Blog) Just Make a Game — How do you get a job in the game industry? Just make a game.

(Roles, Rules, & Rolls) Experience for Ends, not Means — “The whole point of D&D is that diverse means are combined toward the same end, but if the means are rewarded, this splits the party’s desires.” (Hat tip to Brendan.)

(Telecanter’s Receding Rules) my OSR — Now that it’s effectively over, it can be properly eulogized.

(According to Hoyt) Nobody Knows Not’ing — “In this environment you get a lot of spinners.  What is your clue that you’re being spun and that things are not what they say they are?  They often keep repeating things, and moreso they repeat them without any seeming awareness that they’ve said this before and it turned out not to be true.”

(Greyhawk Grognard) The OSR is nothing new — Now that it’s been properly eulogized, it is well to remember that it wasn’t all that new or original to begin with. But hey, it was new to us… and the transition of the market during the eighties helped ensure that a generation of gamers missed out on it the first time around.

(Pulsipher Game Design) Six words about the role of inspiration in game design — Lew has put out a call for another gaming oriented “six word” thing.

(Rpg Snob) Taming of the Eastlands: The map, revealed — Last week’s sand box premise gets some further development….

(Paul’s Blog) Inspiration — Lots of good information here on a classic microgame and the game development process in general. What I would highlight here is that the habit of respecting other people’s copyrights can make you far more creative and innovative.

(Star Fleet Discus) Star Fleet Squadron StrikeHis pattern indicates two dimensional thinking. Ken Burnside says the game will base the starship designs off of Federation Commander. Steve Cole says that the “vague plan” is to do products more or less along the lines of how Federation Commander is broken down. 3D Star Fleet Battles is under way!

(Gaming Ballistic) Maps of Extraordinary Coolness — Look on the works of Zuke Prime, ye mighty…!

(Dungeon Fantastic) Mission Based vs. Location Based play — The two are not in conflict with each other, but rather, the latter encompasses the former. This is most famously illustrated on the classic Erol Otus cover for Expert D&D.

(Tenkar’s Tavern) Dwimmermount Project Update #49: Last Hurdle Cleared, Looking Toward the Finish Line — “He felt that the Dwimmermount draft fell short of his vision for the mega-dungeon, and one of the stresses he’d been suffering from was the conflict between wanting to do it justice and the mounting deadlines for completing the project.” Wow, I would have thought it obvious that this particular ship had sailed months ago. And yet… I find it strangely comforting that James holds on to a desire to do his magnum opus properly.

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