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Madicon 22: Exploring the Isle of Dread, session two

(SPOILER WARNING: If you intend to play the Isle of Dread, you probably shouldn’t read any further!)

The party continued going towards the heart of the island. The hills gradually became more and more rugged and an ominous jungle appeared to the west. On the sixteenth day of their journey, they sighted another flock of phororhacos which the party chose to avoid. On the seventeenth day, while scrambling through the rocky terrain, the party blundered into a group of 14 Neanderthal warriors. The groups were equally surprised to see each other and a melee ensued. Lemmy’s sleep spells dispatched the majority of these guys while Tirantus Blackhawk managed to charm the last of them. The party welcomed “Grok” as an additional spear carrier.

The party continued on into mountainous terrain. On the twentieth day, the party was surprised by a another group of Neanderthal warriors which screamed and threatened them just out of spell range. Evidently, the party’s deeds had been found out, but they had not the numbers to exact revenge on their fallen comrades. On the twenty-second day the party discovered a rope bridge leading across a river and up to a gigantic plateau. The party made ready to cross it and joked about the likely chances of being attacked while doing so. Once the party was about half way across, that was the moment when a group of three Pteranodons dived in for an attack. A combination of sleep and web spells quickly dispatched them– they all crashed down into the rocky canyon below.

On day 23, Grok became restless and suddenly ran away. The party attacked him with ranged weapons for a round or so and knocked him down to a single remaining hit point. The party traveled to a stand of redwood trees, and then took three days to scout all the way around a volcano that was at the center of the plateau, encountering more pteranodons and some pterodactyls in the process. They’d hoped to have found an easy way up, but discovered nothing that could help them. The players then spent a great deal of time hashing out a method of climbing it. They finally decided to link all of their rope together– it wasn’t much, though– and use it to climb past the most difficult stretch of rock. Lemmy cast invisibility on the thief Han Yolo, then Han quaffed a potion of flying, went to the top, and attached the ropes as best as he could. The thief tossed down a lit torch to signal that all was clear, but the party decided they’d like the thief to help them out with the climb. After a while, Han Yolo climbed back down and assisted everyone. Things looked pretty good at first… but then Tirantus Blackhawk lost his grip and fell to his death.

At the top of the volcano, the party discovered a lake– in the middle of it there was an island with ruins on it. The party continued on around the edge of the lake and on the 29th day of their journey, they came to a village. The tribal people met them and made an unusual stream of threatening gestures. (Midway through describing it, I realized it was a haka.) The players kept their cool and did the best they could to not provoke the locals. Before long, they were welcomed into the village and provided with food and shelter. The players discovered that anything in the village was theirs for the taking. Han Yolo took advantage of this by stealing every spear he could find and then hiding them in strange places. Justina did not like the way that was going and did the best she could from dissuading Han from such actions.

The next morning, the party borrowed some boats and set off for the island at the center of the lake. They found a crude dock next to some steps, two large feet of a colossus sized statue broken off at the ankles, and an entrance to some sort of temple. Han Yolo made a rubbing of a bas relief on the outside walls. The players made their way to the entrance, but found the way blocked by some rubble such that they would have to go one at a time very slowly. The lead party member then discovered that there were several people with spears on the other side! Lemmy took a turn going in order to cast sleep on them, but one spearman was unaffected. He came back, and the more combat-oriented characters began going in, one at a time.

A tremendous battle ensued against an unusually powerful warrior with bone armor that had ten henchmen. Many dice were rolled, the dwarf Otis was killed by the bone armored spear man, and one of the Rakasta quaffed a potion of giant strength. The Rakasta then started picking up boulders and tossing them at the spearmen and managed to take several out at once. After a few more rounds, the last warrior was defeated. The Rakasta picked up another stray boulder and threw it at the massive defaced face of an idol that filled the back wall of the temple. The rock crashed through it… and the Rakasta threw another boulder through a second wall on the other side of that! Time was running out on the potion of giant strength, so I asked if the Rakasta was going to keep on exploring and trying to bust through walls, but he was done. It was just as well, because in that exact moment, our time was up.

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