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No Time for Fast Talk

I put my hands to my temples and concentrated just like she’d instructed me to and through the wall, I could suddenly see the men filing down the hallway right to my door. The had pistols out.

“You’re right,” I told her. “I do have some kind of x-ray vision. Also, those street-forcers are here just like you said they’d be.”

“Which is why you’re going to come with me right now, eh?” She looked at me earnestly. There was just something about her stringy hair, her scrawny, underweight frame… her awkward slouch and pimply skin. I got all woozy being this close to her and I suddenly felt this need to impress her.

“Are you kidding? With the stuff I can do… I mean, how tough can these guys be, anyway?”

At that moment there was an assertive knock at the door.

“Derren, please,” she said, and she rested her hand up on my shoulder just so. In other circumstances, she could have been following my lead in a waltz.

I laughed at her and eased her aside. “Watch this,” I said.

Pressing my hands against my skull, I looked through the wall again. Two men were on either side with their guns held at the ready. Another was preparing to knock again while the fourth was crouching back as if he were about to kick the door in. Their silhouettes flashed across my optic nerves and I reached out to them with my mind. “Gone,” I thought.

Nothing happened. The knock came again and I head a man call from the other side. “Mister Spackman? We know you’re there,” he said.

I tried to focus on that voice. I tried to tune in to the intellect behind it. “GONE,” I thought, yet still nothing happened. I could still see their images, though. The man at the door stepped aside in order to make way for the guy that was going to kick it in and I began to panic. Finally, corners of my mind screamed out in unison with my unassuming tenor. “GONE!

There was a flash of light and cascade of popping sounds as an uncountable number of atoms disassembled themselves and evaporated. I looked and realized that the door had not only completely disappeared, but most of the wall as well. The guy that was in the process of kicking my door down stumbled into the room and looked around in shock.

“Mister Derren Spackman?” asked the one in the grey admin suit as he brushed off some plaster dust that sprinkled down out of the ceiling .

“Yeah… uh, that’s me.” I answered, my voice cracking. I tried to chuckle nonchalantly.

Then he nodded to the men, and before I could say anything else, they raised their pistols at me and fired.


4 responses to “No Time for Fast Talk

  1. Jason Packer April 12, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    Surely those pistols were on stun, right? Derren’s not dead, right?

    Back in the classic Traveller days, my players were always quick to try to locate a psionics institute – not having had a book-legal way to be tested before they started their careers. That whole “your potential drops as you get older” thing, while totally cool and rich with RP potential, drove them.

    • jeffro April 12, 2013 at 12:42 pm

      You’d think the people with just a term or two under their belts would push for it, but… I think a lot of people in that situation convinced their referees to let them roll another character or switch to another career….

      • Jason Packer April 12, 2013 at 12:54 pm

        Yeah, there was a prejudice against a younger character, especially in the old days. The coarse granularity of the skill system didn’t help with that, though – “Wait, I’m supposed to roleplay a character based on six hexadecimal digits, gun combat 1 and air/raft 1?”

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