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The Attractive Ugly Girl

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Today we present… the first part of chapter two.

I woke up shivering, drenched in a morning dew. My head throbbed with a splitting headache. I was absolutely famished. I pulled myself up off the ground and limped out of the forest. It wasn’t far to the edge of it. There was a small strip mall on the other side of the street. I went to center of it and sat down on a park bench next to a fountain. I checked the newsnets for anything about Gorlock raids, but there was nothing. The most dangerous thing on the feeds was a tropical storm system that was mulling over whether or not to turn into a full-blown hurricane.

While I eyed through the headlines, I saw Dann walk into the specialty grocery store. He came out a while later with a baguette under his arm. I was relieved when he didn’t glance in my direction– I was slightly mortified about not making it into his program. I switched over to the local jobsfeed to see if there was anything I could do. I might not be getting any help with whatever was wrong with me, but I at least wasn’t going to starve. Thanks to the Robotics Accords, there was always going to be plenty of well paying manual tasks to attend to on Klesmer VII.

I accepted a job washing dishes at a nearby cafeteria and took out a contract for a small Imperium-subsidized apartment. Everything was normal for a while except for the fact that I became convinced that a Gorlock was living in my mirrors. I imagined that there was an alternate universe in them and that the Gorlock was threatening to some day come out of it and get me. I tried to ignore this obvious phobia, but eventually I put my parlor mirror down the recycler and taped over the medicine cabinet so that I wouldn’t have to look into it any more.

Anyway, the place where I worked I could see customers as they dropped their trays off for the dish room. One Cronday I looked up to see this girl heading towards me. I glanced at her for just a second, but soon found my eyes riveted back on her. Her jaw was crooked. She had a pronounced overbite. It looked like she had just about the worse case of scoliosis that I’d ever seen– she practically shuffled towards me. And I couldn’t stop looking at her– it was like when you pass by a gravcar accident. Really, I looked at her so long she could had me fined on the spot for a week’s pay just for violating the Creeper Codes that badly, but she just set her tray onto the chute and walked off without a word.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her, though. I just… wondered what she was like… practically all the time, too. I woudn’t have thought she’d have been my type, but something about the idea of her grew on me. A few days later I found myself filling out a Declaration of Preliminary Relational Intentions form along with a formal request for a limited exchange of social pleasantries. I was almost giddy as I specified the parameters: coffee, verbal interaction only, a neutral and public site… and a time limit of an hour and a half. I felt pretty bold. I think most guys would have gone for just an hour, but I kind of wanted to make a statement.

I triggered the application processing routines with an eyeblink and waited. After the first day of looking for a response, I’d written her off. On the second day of waiting, I decided that something on my public profile had messed everything up– probably the complete lack of a career. Or maybe it was the excessive amount of traveling for the past couple years that had triggered her sketchiness filters. I became convinced that she’d never even seen my request forms…. But on the third day, I got an acceptance code back from her. There was no message appended… she’d just checked the “okay” box and sent the forms back through the central mainframes. But I was thrilled and flattered and just all around goofily excited.

I could not wait to meet her….


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