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Gaming Notes: June 2, 2013

Space Gaming News:

Star Fleet Battles (BGG Session Report) — “SFB was nowhere near as hard to play as I expected; we weren’t using every rule for the ships, but we had enough of them to get the idea. I’m sure the game gets more complicated with more complicated ships, but it was quite approachable for us. The game took about 90 minutes to play, and was very interesting throughout.”

Module C6 Progress (Federation Commander Blog) — “We are finally to the point where I can work on SSDs again, which means some progress should be made soon on Module C6. I think the first priority is going to be to try to do the various weapons rules over (lost in the crash), which is one of the hardest parts. With the systems working,  however slowly (a lot of copy and retitle and post into new computer), progress should be made to completion.”

Outrider (Roleplay-geek) — “Following the recent launch of DriveThruCards, a One Book Shelf (OBS) site which specialises in printing card games, I discovered Outrider, an auto duelling tabletop game by Dice Fest Games which featutures an innovative movement/manoeuvre mechanism using cards.  I’m a sucker for post apocalyptic road racing games and sook took advantage of the Launch Discount and got the whole PDF + POD Cards for £17.04 including delivery.”

On the Table:

This week I broke out Revolution! from Steve Jackson Games and played with my son (age 10) and my daughter (age 7.) Now… I realize that it says “ages 13+” on the side of the box. I think I found out why…. My daughter would put all her resources on the Printer. But my son would usually nab the Mercenary. So my son would put his one “force” on the Printer space… and my daughter would get NOTHING. The idea of maybe going after stuff that other people didn’t seem to want never quite made any sense to her– she was not happy! Meanwhile, I eventually got to where I was winning just about every other square. (My edge in “force” and “blackmail” was uncontestable.) I actually ran out of cubes for marking my influence on the board…!

My kids are quite content to play a friendly game of Settlers or Carcassonne. And yeah, Revolution! might be adults-only for a while. One thing I do like about this game is that I expect it will help teach my son to tailor his strategy to what’s going on at the table. So far he tends to play his favored approach regardless of its efficacy or what other people are doing. I think Revolution! will provide a lot of incentive for him to develop beyond those habits because being predictable is the surest way to lose in that game.


5 responses to “Gaming Notes: June 2, 2013

  1. RogerBW June 2, 2013 at 8:57 am

    A thing I always emphasise when I’m demoing Revolution: “There is no randomness in this game. You are playing purely against the other players, and you know what resources they have.”

    (You did remember that you can’t bid on more than six squares in a turn?)

  2. Charlie Warren June 2, 2013 at 11:08 am

    I always find your Gaming Notes posts extremely interesting and relevant to my personal tastes. I’ve considered buying into SFB in the past and I can tell from reading up on it and by following links similar to the one you provided that I really need to. The setting seems to be much more in line with my vision of Trek in contrast to the “official” stuff that followed the original series.

    Now there’s a DriveThruCards?!

    • jeffro June 2, 2013 at 12:38 pm

      (The guy that wrote that session report is one of the most cogent and thoughtful gamers on the BGG and RPG-Geek sites.) The setting is more oriented towards military science fiction than the TV shows and movies, but the ship designs and rules account for every shred of detail that was presented in the original series, the animated series, the Franz Joseph design specs, and the blueprints of the CA, D7, and Warbird. It’s as if someone interpolated an entire Trek universe before the movies started being done…. It’s especially interesting how they anticipated both the Reliant and the Borg.

      • Charlie Warren June 2, 2013 at 1:35 pm

        Cool. That’s the general impression that I got from the setting info that I have run across. I think that’s a good premise for a game. I need to just bite the bullet and just get whatever the best starting point boxed set would be.

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