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Space Gaming News: ROBOTS! on e23, The Cauldron #1 on Lulu, and Road of Kings development continues…

Car Wars (e23) Uncle Albert’s 2036 Catalog Update  — I’m not sure what all we used from this except for the Gauss Gun. Shopping for equipment from an actual catalogue was freaking cool, though, and this booklet was fought over a great deal in the hours leading up to the big Friday night duel back in the day. The ATAD rules resulted in more than a few arguments in our role playing sessions– we paid very close attention to ADQ&A to resolve them. Without a dedicated referee, you sort of needed an “official” answer. If you actually grokked the fact that you didn’t need that… you were probably playing a “real” role playing game instead of this!

ROBOTS! (e23) Now available in PDF format! — This does not appear to be a precursor to BattleTech. Rather… it looks like Task Force Games’ response to Metagaming’s Rivets.

Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat Miniatures Tabletop Game (Kickstarter) Road/Kill UCC goes into the Pits for a tune-up — “So we have come to a decision. Effective today, we are going to suspend our Kickstarter campaign. We will do this in order to re-launch a fresh campaign after we have overcome this challenge.An added bonus here is that it will give us the opportunity to tweak our pledge levels, address shipping costs and game options, and revamp our stretch goals.We feel we’ve got a great game and the response from our fans has confirmed that they agree.”

Heroes and Other Worlds (C. R. Brandon) Cauldron #1 complete! — Not only is there a new magazine for this take on The Fantasy Trip, but it also sounds like Dark City Games even has a new sci-fi adventure on the way!

Road of Kings (Paul’s Blog) Back to Blogging — “When will it be done? That’s a tough question to answer. We’ve been working on this project for a little over a year now, and we’d like to wrap this thing up soon. That said, the part time nature of our schedules just doesn’t lead to very rapid production. The good news is that we’ve got pretty much all the unknowns nailed down. The design for the combat screen and characters has been resolved, and we know how many more events we have to author to make the world feel full. Now it’s just a matter of buckling down and creating all that content. There are still many scripts to be written and characters to be drawn, but hopefully the more we make the faster we’ll get at doing so.” [Road of Kings is based in part on the classic Barbarian Prince microgame.]

Federation & Empire (Amarillo Design Bureau) Gaming at Origins — F&E’s biggest fans meet up at a convention once a year to play week-long grand strategic monster games based on the original series Star Trek ships. These are some of the nicest gamers around… and very organized to boot. If you have ever wanted to try this game… this is the way to do it!

Star Frontiers (Delta’s D&D Hotspot) Jumping the Void — “Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks goes out of its way to avoid conventional sci-fi explanations for interstellar travel, and seems to create more problems for its trouble. It has two separate explanations for the core 1 day/light-year travel schedule, neither of which is completely satisfying, each with its own problems, and they even manage to bonk heads together with two contradictory meanings of ‘Risk Jumping.’ “

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