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Blog Watch: Ragequiting, the Plot-Copter, and the Quantum Ogre

Role Playing Games (Age of Ravens) The Path to 750: Gamer Reflexivity — “What I learned is that I prefer simple systems. At the same time I want some chrome and some choice. I want that to be mostly on the player side. I don’t mind complexity and variety in character creation, so long as that doesn’t bog down or slow things when we get to actual play. So the powers, abilities, feats, and everything like that should be easy for players to remember and use. We shouldn’t have to go back to be book too much during the session.”

Pathfinder (The Weirdlands of Xhul) Pathfinder Game is OVER! — “I just sent them all an email and basically said I am done being a GM for Pathfinder. Maybe they can find a spineless GM that will cater to their sense of entitlement that the New-School Era of players are so used to.”

AD&D (Delta’s D&D Hotspot) More Drow Tactics (Module D1) — “One of the lessons that we can take away from this is that seemingly minor changes to a ruleset (in this case, fiddling with numerical values for spell ranges) can really make enormous difference in gameplay upon close inspection.”

Role Playing Games (Roles, Rules, and Rolls) Who Brings New Player Characters? The Plot-Copter Does — “But there’s no getting around it; the players know that the new player wants to get along and become part of the band. Better to acknowledge that immediately and move on, rather than give the impression that the game is about setting the players against each other. If there’s any jarring incongruity about the meeting, it will quickly be forgotten as the players create new memories of fun and adventure together.”

Role Playing Games (Random Wizard) Shades of the Quantum Ogre — “-C” Comments: “The Quantum Ogre has nothing to do with the Dungeon Master making things up. It specifically has to do when he neutralizes the ability of the players to take action that has results equivalent to the players intent.”

OD&D (The Eye of Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends) DNA Apocalypse — Recreating the OD&D default setting — “By the time the lights came back on, all of the monsters of the past and imagination had escaped their techno-zoos. Nature abhors a vacuum and unproductive life. The genetic fertility barriers were overcome by mutations, and some of the females reverted to being males. The monsters could breed now.”

Role Playing Games (Monsters & Manuals) The Past is a Foreign Country — “I’m not suggesting that exploring issues of patriarchy and historical materialism would be interesting in a game – just that people in the past in our own world were really weird by our own standards, so fantasy humans on a fantasy world should surely be weirder still.”


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