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Space Gaming News: Dueltrack in PDF, Revolt on Antares, and SE4X Design Tidbits

Yet another iconic Denis Loubet cover….

Car Wars (e23) Dueltrack — This supplement was a very big deal. Previous expansions had been released in zip-lock baggies, plastic pocket-boxes, or LBB-sized booklets. This one was a relatively huge boxed set about half as deep as the Deluxe edition box. The formula for top speeds was wonky, the rules for metal armor would change everyone’s arena game even if they ignored the gas engines, and racing scenarios would offer a new style of play that would eventually reap its own separate world championship. The rules in the Compendium Second Edition are all you need, really… but seeing this monster in all its original glory is instructive. Recommended.

Revolt on Antares (Jeff’s Gameblog) Fun with Imirrhos — The great Jeff Rients digs out this old Minigame from TSR, providing Traveller stats for the world and various projections of the world map. I remember getting all four TSR Minigames on the closeout table at Kaybee toys for rock bottom prices. (Even my non-nerd friends picked them up.) Evidently the market for this sort of game was gone by the time TSR jumped on the bandwagon…?

Space Empires 4X (Board Game Geek) Why to fight against Aliens? — The designer divulges a significant game balance nuance that players are likely to overlook: “Aliens are needed for a 2 player game in order to keep the game balanced. Without them, the player who happens to have more barren planets on their side of the board has an advantage. Aliens on the planets mean that there is a cost to getting those planets – revealing some of your fleet, the maintenance on that fleet, any losses you do sustain, etc.”

Space Empires 4X (Board Game Geek) SE4X as a block game? — The designer describes an interesting design artifact: “SE was originally a 2 player game that was switched to counters because GMT really wanted to make it a 4 player game and that was cost prohibitive with blocks. The block game origins are the reason behind the rule that you can’t shoot at carriers, even if they are unscreened, until you kill their fighters. That is because a CV block used to always represent one CV. The four sides represented the 0 to 3 fighters it was carrying. When we made the change to 4 player and counters, I was reluctant to fiddle with the rule.”

Star Frontiers (Delta’s D&D Hotspot) Asimov on Hyperspace, Part I and Part II — Delta deconstructs various Knight Hawks rules and premises by going back to Asimov’s Fondation series to identify what is perhaps the original source for the hyperspace-related tropes that were popularized in Star Wars.

Heroes and Other Worlds (C. R. Brandon) Repose — The designer has gotten a huge amount of material up on Lulu in a very short time and is planning a short hiatus.. His next project will be a revised edition of Rogue Space, a science fiction role playing game. The Cauldron #2 is still on the slate, however, and if you’d like to submit material for it, email it to fenway5 (at) frontier (dot) com by August 31, 2013!

Dueltrack is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and the art here is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.


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