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Space Gaming News: New Doctor Who Gaming Fanzine, the Coming Deluge of GURPSness, Star Fleet Squadron Strike Deal Fizzles

FASA Doctor Who Role Playing Game (Earthbound Time Lords) Diary of the Doctor Who Role-Playing Games, Issue 020 (2013-07-07) — “Here for the first time is a listing of the various ‘lost’ FASA Doctor Who role‐playing game adventure modules, along with a short description of what is known about their content. On the pages after this, we present the original proposals as they were submitted to FASA, which have been graciously shared with us. We were given permission from FASA to use them as needed so that we may share the information with fans who have always wanted to know more about these adventures.”

Amarillo Design Bureau (Discus BBS) Joint Venture with ADB, Inc. and Ad Astra Will Not Move Forward — “Due to design differences between Squadron Strike and Star Fleet Battles, as well as differing company goals and needs, the proposed joint venture between ADB and Ad Astra will not move forward. ADB wishes Ken the best as he continues his labor of love with Squadron Strike. Our company goal is to expand our game lines to include a wider audience who want to play games with fewer rules and more “toys” and to enhance our financial status. We believe our design time is best spent elsewhere.”

Ad Astra Games (Google+) The Star Fleet Squadron Strike project has been canceled by Steve Cole. — “He has made a counter proposal, for which we thank him.It does not meet our needs at this time. It is not our company policy to discuss the reasons for dismissed proposals in public forums.”

GURPS (Gaming Ballistic) My God, It’s full of GURPSDouglas Cole Sean Punch hints at things to come: “…I have many Secret Projects lined up, including installments in the Social Engineering, Thaumatology, Power-Ups, and Dungeon Fantasy series.”

Star Frontiers (Back to the Keep) Heading for the frontiers — “The first thing I realized/remembered about these rules is that I really like their simplicity. The core mechanic makes sense. It’s easy to create characters and get started quickly. And there are definite possibilities for expanding and tinkering with the game and the setting.”

4 responses to “Space Gaming News: New Doctor Who Gaming Fanzine, the Coming Deluge of GURPSness, Star Fleet Squadron Strike Deal Fizzles

  1. Douglas Cole July 11, 2013 at 8:07 am

    Note that I was quoting Sean Punch, who has many secret projects. My only officially pending items are a Pyramid article and TG. I have a few ideas (and two articles actually in the works). I’ve edited my blog post to make it clear that the stuff I quoted from GURPS News was all Sean Punch’s work.

  2. Wayne July 11, 2013 at 8:43 am

    J. Andrew Keith left us way too soon.

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