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Blog Watch: Player Responsibilities, GURPS WABAC, and the Real Castle Greyhawk

Double entendre at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Role Playing (Once More Unto the Breach) The Player’s Responsibilities in the GM-Player Relationship — “I’m not one to tell people that they’re ‘doing it wrong’ when it comes to roleplaying. But if you come to a game session as a player and think all you need to do sit back and be entertained, you ARE doing it wrong.”

Gaming History (Random Wizard) Do Elves Have Souls? — “It caught me off guard that some readers did not know the history behind this question (and who could blame them as it is from discourse circa 1980 in Dragon magazine). Searching through the Sage Advice archive, it appears that the question first appeared in issue 33 from January of 1980.”

Comics (Black Gate) Blogging Marvel’s Dracula in the 1980s — “Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief at the time Jim Shooter may have not been the biggest fan of the series, but the story arc removing all vampires from the Marvel Universe was not without its pleasures. While the epic may not have realized its full potential, it at least tried its best to honor the past by tying up as many old plotlines as possible and giving many of the supporting characters from Tomb of Dracula a fitting end.”

GURPS (Dungeon Fantastic) GURPS & I Go WABAC — “If you look closely at the basic set pictures, you can see the 1st printing, 1986 mark on them. I bought this the second I could. We couldn’t wait. Although it would take a few years for GURPS to replace my AD&D game and my dalliance with Rolemaster, we started playing some things with it right away and never really stopped.”

Role Playing Games (Quickly, Quiety, Carefully) The two most important concepts in the D&D game — “The most important concept in the game is player choice. In order to give players the most fun in the game, they must be able to make choices that will make a definite difference in the fates of their characters. The second most important concept is that actions have consequences. Player decisions will lead to further campaign developments.”

Gaming History (Random Wizard) Two Levels of the Real Castle Greyhawk — “So, if we take these two pictures and manipulate them in a image editor, putting them side by side, what do we have? Note that you can click the image below to see a larger version of it. Notice any similarities to other early 70s TSR products? The answer to what Castle Greyhawk was like was probably sitting under our noses the entire time. If you compare the maps above to a product that Gary put together and released in 1976, you can see the similarities in the mapping styles.”

Science Fiction (Delta’s D&D Hotspot) SciFi Saturday – Asimov on Blasters — “But we can see that the overall evolution of the device — from works like Foundation to Star Wars to Star Frontiers, etc. — is one of radical diminution of the effect, starting from almost complete bodily and area destruction, and ending with a mere ‘pencil-thin beam’ that does some amount of localized harm to the target, all under the same name — and following the trends of real-world technology of the time. Can you find any earlier literary examples of ‘blasters’?”


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