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The Skeletons of Scale Scorch

My daughter is seven now… and she’s played some Keep on the Borderlands and read the Rose Estes Endless Quest books. Gaming has been our “thing”… and she especially loves pictures of anything scary. The other day she drew this odd map with six “x” marks on it. I asked her what it was. Turns out… it was for some kind of game. I started asking her questions about it… and she kept making up more and more stuff.

From what I gather, what’s left of human civilization is on just a handful of islands. The continents are just crawling with skeletons. (I asked my son how this could be and he said, “it’s like the end of the world… except it’s not the end of the world, it’s the end of the people!”) Sounds like a solid post-apocalyptic game to me. Sign me up! Here are descriptions of the main locations of the initial map:

  1. Scorpions and Gila Monsters
  2. Poisonous Snakes, Goblins, and the main bad wizard
  3. Dragons and deep pits with fire in the bottom
  4. Ruins where ghosts live
  5. The port city of the snake-people
  6. The mountaintop fortress where the king of the snake-people lives

I don’t know where she got all of this stuff. It seemed to be a collection of the most awesome things she could imagine. As I asked her questions, she got more and more excited about it. Here’s some backstory on the setting:

“There was this horrible slime that is like a vine and it can tie you up and turn you into a skeleton! People went into the castle one by one and got turned into skeletons and this happened over and over until the whole world was turned into skeletons. The slime was made by Skarferr the bad wizard. He wanted to make a terrible poison, but instead… it got him. Now he is the king of all the skeletons.”

“The Ghost Town is called Oakville and it has a terrible secret. There are men and women there; ghosts that dance a creepy dance. It touches your mind and then you dance a creepy dance and sing a creepy song and it gets into your brain and you think, ‘I want to stay here and become a ghost.'”

“The most horrible creature of all time: part shark, part octopus, part dragon, part turtle, and part fish. It’s all muscle, bones, and teeth. It shoots fire out of its mouth underwater and water out of its mouth on land. It only goes in the water for a bath and goes on land to sunbathe. It is called… a Montereyus!”

That’s about all I can make out from my notes. I may have messed some of this up, though, so later clarifications can supersede what I have here. Here are some of the locations in Oakville:

  1. Inn
  2. Watch House
  3. Normal House
  4. King’s Castle
  5. Broken down tree; struck by lightening
  6. Normal House

I asked her why the skeletons don’t fight the snake-people or the dragons and she said that monsters don’t fight each other.


7 responses to “The Skeletons of Scale Scorch

  1. Chris Mata August 1, 2013 at 7:09 am

    There is nothing worse than when the monsters work together.

  2. Chris Mata August 1, 2013 at 7:16 am

    I think posts about your kids gaming experiences are my faves.

  3. Dwight Grosso August 1, 2013 at 8:40 am

    What a wonderful imagination your child has! All that without reading a lick of classic Sword and Sorcery books even. You are one lucky father! I have two girls myself, and the oldest can now read. I think it’s time we started gaming.

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