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Space Gaming News: Jim Krohn’s Talon on P500, Muskogee on e23, and Upcoming H&OW and Ad Astra Products

Talon (Board Game Geek)  Talon up for pre-order — Designer Jim Krohn has already done the impossible by creating a streamlined 4X board game that can be played in hours instead of days without sacrificing depth or player choice. Now he is on his way to bridging the gap between simple hex and counter games like Ogre and more complex space games like Federation Commander. Instead of having a separate ship displays for each unit, the large laminated counters will become the record sheet. This will allow for large, fast-playing fleet battles with several ships to a side and with the added bonus of all information about the game’s state being visible on the board. You can preorder it through GMT’s P500 and discuss the upcoming game at either Consimworld or Board Game Geek.

Car Wars (e23) Muskogee Mayhem — This expansion was a very big deal when it was first released in a zip-loc baggie. The map was twice as big as the huge ones in Double Arena and the race track on it could be run in a dozen different ways. This was the sort of thing that made Steve Jackson’s name synonymous with gaming value. This was re-released in the post-Compendium era in a similar format as the Midville “adventure pack.” (While it was nice to get the city maps with fewer creases– and two all-new maps to boot– the updates, setting fluff, and scenario changes were not to the same standards as stuff that had been done during Scott Haring’s tenure with the line.) I have not seen the Muskogee Mayhem supplement and cannot speak to the changes that may have been made over original expansion, but the map is one of the top ten most iconic Car Wars set-ups. I have played both a dueltrack scenario on it and a fight in the Octagon arena since starting this blog. (A pic of the Octagon battle is here.)

Heroes and Other Worlds (Christopher Brandon) This retro-clone of Melee, Wizard, and The Fantasy Trip continues to gain support and additional development:

  • It now has a community on Google+.
  • The Dyson Logos adventure Ziggurat of Rissel has been adapted to the system– and it looks really well done!
  • The next supplement will be an adaption of Lee Reynoldson’s Redwald setting and it’s expected to be out this year.
  • The designer has developed some new rules for going berserk in the system that demonstrate where he’ll be heading with “Blades and Black Magic” which is slated for 2014.
  • An homage to the classic “Death Test” adventure is also planned for 2014.

Ad Astra Games (Ken Burnside) The following items are currently in the works over at Ad Astra Games:

  • Attack Vector: Ship Book 2 — This supplement will add more history, background material, and fifteen new ships to the Attack Vector: Tactical setting.
  • Squadron Strike: Star’s Reach — This supplement is planned as providing a “1960s Space Opera Like They Used To Do” milieu for the Squadron Strike space combat game.
  • The Worlds of Honor Role Playing Game — This will use the D6 Dramatics game engine.

Car Wars is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and the art here is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.


5 responses to “Space Gaming News: Jim Krohn’s Talon on P500, Muskogee on e23, and Upcoming H&OW and Ad Astra Products

  1. PeterD August 8, 2013 at 8:31 am

    Was it possible to get the Muskogee dueltrack another way? I have it, but I sure don’t recognize that cover.

    • jeffro August 8, 2013 at 8:37 am

      According to BGG, the dueltrack was first released as Expansion set #9 in 1986. It was repackaged into the “adventure pack” format in 1989 as “Muskogee Mayhem.”

      • earlburt August 8, 2013 at 10:11 am

        Yup, I got it as ES#9. And you’re absolutely right about the creases from that little bag!

        I feel like ES9 must have been released almost simultaneously with Dueltrack, because my crew acquired them at the same time and strongly associate them together. In fact, I had kind of forgotten that the maps DIDN’T come with Dueltrack.

        The only corporate-style, piles-of-team-money play we did as teenagers revolved around Muskogee duels and races. We got a little gonzo with it at times, but it was fun and epic. Dumb, but fun.

  2. Alex J. August 9, 2013 at 9:29 am

    FWIW, you can iron the creases out of the maps. Works like a charm.

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