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Blog Watch: At End of Edition Wars, Game Hack Menace Continues

RPG Design (The Dragon’s Flagon) That’ll buff right out — “Magic spells shouldn’t just give you a slightly better chance to do something that’s possible to do anyway; they should allow you to do something awesome.  Doubling your size so you can lift that portcullis with one mighty heave is awesome.  Turning your fist to granite so that you can punch through an oak door is awesome.  Casting a spell that gives you +2 to Strength checks…not so much.”

Con Scene (Dreams in the Lich House) Gencon 2103 Reflections — “There were multiple times we found ourselves wandering by the gigantic Pathfinder hall late at night on our way to the parking garage, and couldn’t believe how packed it was around the clock.  There are no edition wars; Pathfinder has won, plain and simple.  It’s all over but the crying – the anemic D&D Next crowd isn’t any competition.”

Dungeon Mastering (The Tao of D&D) See A Penny … — “What any DM wants in a player is engagement, enthusiasm, a spirit of cooperation with others and diligence.  What happens in the game should matter to them enough to make the effort to record things.  The only real manifestation of that coin is changing a number on the character sheet … and a player who does that with the feeling that they have just felt the coin in their hand is the sort of player you want.”

Comparative Gaming (Gothridge Manor) Burn it to the Ground, Burn it All — “Because of his passion for the flame and our constant need to look up the flaming oil damage rules I went through a bunch of rulebooks and collected the different rules for systems I could find.  If you know of another rule for another system please put it in the comments so I can add it. And please add any house rules you use in your game. ”

Role Playing Games (Age of Ravens) RPG Hacks: Threat or Menace? aka “Stop Me Before I Port Again…” — “I mean here’s the thing: clearly these games have some viability. The authors have played and playtested it and gotten something out of it. I take that as a basic assumption for any professionally published game. And yet my first instinct going in is a critical one. Not the classic reviewer critical one, but like someone walking through a house with an eye to refurbishment. Sometimes I’m walking through the rooms describing to someone who’s lived in there for years all the walls I’m going to knock down.”

Gaming History (Dungeon Fantastic) Shout-outs to GURPS authors in Playing At The World — “Bill Stoddard of San Diego equipped the Poet (for whom the 10th level title is ‘Bard’) with an ‘Entrancement’ ability which can hold an ‘intelligent creature immobile while the song lasts’.” –


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