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Blog Watch: Uncovering a World, Turning Hippies to Visigoths, and the Angry Walmart Woman

Implied Setting (Hack & Slash) On the Sublimity of Hackmaster 4th Edition: Cohesive Setting Design — “If you can leave your entitlement at the door (‘I want to play what I want! {pout}’) then you will find yourself playing a game, both as a player and a Dungeon Master, to discover a world. You uncover what happens as much as you decide what does.”

House Rules (Unfrozen Caveman Dice Chucker) Holmesian Non-system: or Who cares how you roll intiative? — “Basic D&D was a means of exploring the world in a brand new way, not a collection of rules to be tampered with and argued over by a pack of middle aged men with ADD.”

History (Black Gate) Scale: What Pre-Modern Battles Really Looked Like — “Screw your eyes up so that the picture blurs, and imagine helmets and spears… turn those long-haired peaceniks into Romans, Alans and Visigoths. Now, since that worked so well, replace the stage, the tents, as far as the trees with horsemen… yes, the Huns and the Ostrogoths are coming! Finally, drop yourself into the middle of the crowd, share the air with seventy five thousand other warriors, try to keep your shield free enough to cover yourself when the arrows fall. Wonder what’s happening up front… how far away the front actually is. Welcome to Northern Gaul, AD451!”

Role Playing (The Tao of D&D) The Hurdle — “Somehow, every concocted Dungeons and Dragons character seems to be motivated to make demands on a constant, continuous basis, like an old woman at the complaints counter of the local Walmart, who can’t understand why her panties can’t be returned after having been worn for three weeks.”


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