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Epic Game Night With My Son

I normally play a board game with my son every week or so, but last night we had the house to ourselves and got three games in. It was great; I’m really glad to see how he’s developed his rules mastery, tactics, and all around sportsmanship over the past couple of years. (He’s ten now….) Here’s a recap of our games:

Pandemic — My son chose this over Memoir ’44 when he was much younger. He just liked the look of the colored blocks in the video reviews, really. I’m pretty sure this is his favorite. He drew the researcher and I got the scientist– that’s probably the best possible combination for a two player game. We cleaned the board with scads of cards left after triggering just two outbreaks. If we did anything wrong it was that we forgot to remove multiple blocks for free with the cured diseases. We have not won this game in a long time, so my son was really happy about the victory.

Commands and Colors: Ancients — I set up the Ticinus River scenario and gave my son a two block handicap, but he would have crushed me even without the two point lead! My son’s heavy cavalry was fearsome and I just could not seem to get my units to coordinate particularly well. I don’t know what I needed to do, but I’m sure I could have done something better! We battled back and forth until my son brought in his leftside light cavalry with a “Move Fire Move” command. He ended his turn right in my face so that I couldn’t get away with plinking at him ranged attacks. My line fell apart due to retreat results and I lost entire units just from him battling back. He was really stoked when he finished me off. These imbalanced historical scenarios are perfect for playing against your kids!

Ingenious — This is one I’d gotten as a present for my wife way back when. (She liked the pretty colors and nice shapes.) My son has really taken to it over the years, often asking to play it when he’d had his fill of Pandemic already. I really don’t try to throw this game at all, but he sure did beat me fair and square last night. (We were tied for our lowest scoring color, so we had to move to the next one up as a tiebreaker.) I don’t give my son any help with where to move. I just maybe help him count the score for some of the weirder positions. But really, if I am ever going to win this one again, I can’t be complacent about it. I’ll actually have to think!

It was an evening of pure win for my son. He was just plain happy about it, too. I asked him which was his favorite game of the bunch, and he picked Commands & Colors. He said he loved bashing me around with his cavalry in that game. (I am surprised at how quick he is picking that one up, too– he is already starting to look things up on the reference chart himself.)


One response to “Epic Game Night With My Son

  1. Mr. Kent November 7, 2013 at 12:33 am

    Sounds like a great time! :D

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