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RadWorld Annihilation Zone: Corpuscles of Devolution

The last remnants of humanity reside on the southeastern island.

Everyone works their shift, but no one wants to have to take a call. And yet here you are, your six hundred and thirty-seventh game of Mutation Bomb Defuser interrupted by a holographic message from the central intelligence net. It turns out that this is not your lucky day….

The intelligence announces that life in Paradise City is gravely endangered. The backup bio-fusion generator has burned out. If anything were to go wrong with the primary power system, then the citizenry may be thrust Outside with no protection from the devolutionary cataclysm that has consumed the world.

“Remember… you must not only find an functioning bio-tank, but you must also find a means of transporting it back to the city intact. You must also procure a fully charged enzyme-igniter. Good luck! And may the Galactic Superconsciousness guide your steps!”

The players don’t get out much. They have spent their entire lives isolated inside an arcology and know nothing about the world outside beyond a few dark myths. The last Help Desk Tech Squad to go out on a service call took care of business hundreds of years ago, and not even the central intelligence net can remember what they did out there– it’s scuttled too many nonessential subsystems in an attempt to keep the life support apparatus of Paradise City functioning.

Though the players are completely in the dark about how things are out in the wider world, they are at least extremely well equipped. The central intelligence net can provide them with just about any sort of customized battlesuit component that they can think up. There are trade-offs, sure… but if they can dream it, they can have it. The players are bearers of the last great technological expression of an ancient civilization and the needs of Help Desk personnel rate very highly in the higher programming of the net!

If the players ask questions about the Outside, they don’t get much in the way of answers. There is however a file cabinet in the shift area that contains the only non-computerized record of the last Tech Squad‘s exploits. It appears to be a map created by a child of one of the members of the last team to go out. That Techie must have brought it in to work at some point when he pulled down a rare second shift in the lottery. Good thing a cleaning robot didn’t throw it out during the last purge!


3 responses to “RadWorld Annihilation Zone: Corpuscles of Devolution

  1. Robert Eaglestone December 11, 2013 at 10:07 am

    Shades of Paranoia…

    • jeffro December 11, 2013 at 10:13 am

      I’m thinking of Infocom, Gamma World, and T5 in particular… but yeah… Paranoia! I really like the tempo of Planetfall’s delivery, though. Also: the incompetent knucklehead player characters that learn by dying.

      • earlburt December 11, 2013 at 12:56 pm

        I was thinking Paranoia too. Paranoia without the paranoid Computer. Taking a slightly less insane Alpha Complex and dropping it into a Gamma World world might actually make for a real neat game. Especially if you had players, from inside and Out, who took their characters’ points of view seriously.

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