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Space Gaming News: New Direction for ACTA:SF, New SE4X Expansion on P500, and… Possible New Ogre Kickstarter

Two players brace themselves as they prepare for the first swings of a deadly space battle in Space Empires: 4X.

Ogre: Designers Edition (Steve Jackson Games) — You’ve probably heard about an upcoming Assault Pack release for Ogre. You probably wouldn’t be surprised if you saw Ogre Miniatures come back in force. You might have bemoaned the fact that Pocket Ogre is relatively unavailable at the moment, that Pocket G.E.V. probably won’t ever happen, and that a slightly less exuberant (and portable) version of the Sixth Edition set probably won’t be forthcoming. However, Phil Reed let drop yesterday in a Board Game Geek post that a new Ogre Expansion is in planning stages and that its exact contents will be determined via Kickstarter. Keep your eyes peeled!

Space Empires: 4X (GMT Games) — Space Empires: 4X is a remarkable game in that it provides a detailed “pocket empire” themed wargame that doesn’t take a week to play. A new second expansion is being planned and has just gone up on GMT’s P500. It will feature a new 5th player that is functionally different, new large-sized terrain tiles so that you won’t have to cannibalize Twilight Imperium for them anymore, a new card deck for a random Resource system, and of course… the inevitable new tech, new ships, and new terrain.

A Call To Arms: Star Fleet (Amarillo Design Bureau and Mongoose Publishing) — Amarillo Design Bureau has announced that they are taking over the “primary design responsibility” for the ACTA:SF line. Tony Thomas has been tapped to take over as the line developer. Several significant rules revisions are planned, and ADB plans to actively maintain the rules in the future. ADB has stated that they will honor Mongoose’s original promise to provide corrected PDF’s of the core rules to purchasers of Book One.

Star’s Reach Miniatures (Ad Astra Games) — Ad Astra Games is now taking preorders for three new starship miniatures Fleet Boxes. The miniatures will go into production when the total of Fleet Box preorders reaches 160– about 10% of the required preorders have already been taken. Gaming supplements for the three empires represented here are currently in development for both Squadron Strike and Colonial Battlefleet.

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