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Blog Watch: Dweebs, Mary Sues, Pyramid Stones, Whiny Players, Kinetic Energy, and Romulan Psychohistorians

That Gamer (Tao of D&D) Meet the Dweebs — “I kept quiet for the most part, letting them ramble on in that ‘keen’ or ‘cool’ way people have of getting excited about their thing.  I did say that I had a world.  I didn’t offer details, however, and naturally they asked no questions – that type never does.  I learned that they were players of Pathfinder; they got off the bus having no idea what edition I played.”

War Stories (Armchair Gamer) Things I Learned From Champions: Sometimes you just want to fight — “To this day, I remember one of our early clashes with some members of the X-men (Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Rogue, de-powered mohawk-wearing Storm, and Colossus). We were outnumbered: my character was an armored martial artist, my teammate was a sharpshooter with a pair of laser pistols. We did quite well, with me running interference on the physical characters while my partner took out Nightcrawler (who could lay us out in two phases with his No Normal Defense multi-teleport stun attack) and Cyclops (the other ranged attack guy). Then Rogue grabbed me and pulled me out of position, while Colossus got a lucky punch in on my partner and laid him out cold.”

A Character Named Sue (Castalia House) REVIEW: Under a Graveyard Sky by John Ringo — “If you read the back cover and say ‘You know, I could really go for a pretty unrealistic tale about a hyper prepared family – including a bad ass 13 year old girl – surviving the zombie apocalypse on a boat’, then you will be utterly satisfied…. Mary Sue characters straight out of a ‘all my character stats are 18!’ gaming session.”

Aliens Again (Gizmodo) Scientists Discovered the Egyptian Secret to Moving Huge Pyramid Stones — “Artwork within the tomb of Djehutihotep, which was discovered in the Victorian Era, depicts a scene of slaves hauling a colossal statue of the Middle Kingdom ruler and in it, a guy at the front of the sled is shown pouring liquid into the sand.”

GURPS (Gaming Ballistic) Sean Punch Comments —  “The past few years of slow releases – and GURPS slipping from the lists of top RPGs and SJ Games’ priorities – have taken a real toll on my happiness level. But my values and mental state have no effect on market perceptions. Even among GURPS fans, I find myself answering far too many questions with, ‘There it is, in black and white, on p. 00.’ I suspect that actually reading the books hasn’t been a priority for gamers in some years.”

Game Mastering (Dungeon Bastard) Ask The Bastard: Whiny Player — “Listen, you’ve got a player who likes to challenge authority. Here’s a friendly tip: stop confronting them with authority!”

World Design (Rolling Stone) George R.R. Martin: The Rolling Stone Interview — “Basically, I wrote about a hundred pages that summer. It all occurs at the same time with me. I don’t build the world first, then write in it. I just write the story, and then put it together. Drawing a map took me, I don’t know, a half-hour. You fill in a few things, then as you write more it becomes more and more alive.”

COIN (gry-planszowe) A Distant Plain — “Americans generally have a jelly in the pants at the sound of the words GMT.”

Niche Protection (Don’t Split the Party) Misunderstood and Improperly Played – the 1e Monk — “The monk is a commando that waits for the right moment to assault and neutralize key targets, especially spell casters. He is, in the end, a wizard slayer and cleric killer. His job is to close the distance rapidly, dodge spells, and disrupt spell casting as he takes down magic-users and clerics.”

Traveller (Twilight of the GM) Real Men Use Kinetic Energy to Kill — “The game’s designer defends this concept very eloquently: a bullet is a simple and efficient way to kill a person and likely to be around for a long time.”

Gonzo (John C. Wright’s Journal) Alignment — “The first D&D game I ever played, the party consisted of a Romulan Psychohistorian, a Leprechaun Wizard, an Ent Martial Artist, A Wookie Man-at-Arms, A Pierson’s Puppeteer Ranger, An Aztec warrior of the Jaguar-Knight phylum, and we were on the planet Rigel VII, and at the core of the world was the Krell Machine.”


3 responses to “Blog Watch: Dweebs, Mary Sues, Pyramid Stones, Whiny Players, Kinetic Energy, and Romulan Psychohistorians

  1. Radpert May 14, 2014 at 10:18 am

    What’s up with gry-planszowe? I don’t read whatever language that is; and if GMT means Greenwich Mean Time, COIN signifies nothing to me whatsoever.

    • jeffro May 14, 2014 at 10:34 am

      GMT is a game company known for their wargames. COIN is in reference to their counter-insurgency series which includes titles like A Distant Plain, Cuba Libre, Andean Abyss, and Fire in the Lake.

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