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Space Gaming News: Firing Squad, Atomic Rocket, Game Design, and Spaceships

Steve Jackson Interviewed on Douglas Cole’s Firing Squad — For my money, this is the most important gaming-related interview to be done yet this year. And that’s the thing, I didn’t have to pay anything for this! You can’t get this kind of coverage from “real” journalists– it just isn’t their thing I guess. I have an inkling of how much time and effort it takes to pull this sort of thing off. And Doug even goes above and beyond the call of duty by providing transcripts. So, don’t just watch the interview… but please consider hitting up his tip jar.

Winchell Chung’s Atomic Rocket Website is on Patreon — I mostly keep up with Winchell Chung via his flood of posts on his Google+ feed. And yeah, I tend to think of him as sort of belonging to microgame fans like myself, not least for creating the look of the iconic Ogre cybertank and ships like the Annic Nova. But Winch really is involved in so much more than that. He is pretty much the go-to guy for getting your science right in all manner of games and science fiction. Please consider giving his site support so that it can receive the sort of overhaul it deserves.

Lewis Pulsipher’s Game Design Courses — Lewis Pulsipher’s articles were a fixture of all the big gaming magazines of the eighties. If you miss the sort of insights he shared on a regular basis, then consider taking one of his online classes. The content is generally better than even the best game blog type posts, and he covers game design topics with a depth and breadth that you won’t see anywhere else. (Also, check out his new game Sea Kings.)

Ken Burnside is Creating Starships on Patreon — You already know how Ken Burnside’s starship games stack up with the competition (see Tim White’s epic series of posts here.) You may be aware of just how many options there are in his ship design system for Squadron Strike. And hey, you may want to spend your free time actually playing games rather than designing stuff for them. Or maybe its worth a few credits to see what the Master can do with his own game. Anyway, consider supporting Ken’s Patreon for creating new starships. (He’s also involved in a pulp fiction related Patreon as well.)

4 responses to “Space Gaming News: Firing Squad, Atomic Rocket, Game Design, and Spaceships

  1. Douglas Cole September 30, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    Thanks for the nod! I’ve missed your “blog watch” featurette over the last weeks.

    • Douglas Cole September 30, 2014 at 12:25 pm

      As a by-the-way, I really do need to do an in-depth analysis of what Steve says and alludes to as we talked. He’s a man of few words at times, but there’s a lot of layers to what he says (such as the “a game like that [Kid’s Munchkin] is going to happen” line – only to see Munchkin Treasure hunt for ages 6+ come out soon after!) and some of his statements provide an interesting needle to thread.

    • jeffro September 30, 2014 at 12:43 pm

      It’s tough. I have to choose between editing my latest Appendix N draft and eating, sleeping, and bathing. Only 33 more posts to go, though!!

  2. JSpace September 30, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    So Adventure Time was brought up in that Steve Jackson interview and I keep thinking, why isn’t there a cheap D6 based Adventure Time RPG available in every super market and department store right now? You know, judging by the needlessly complex and borderline impenetrable Star Wars and Hobbit RPGs out there, whoever does make an Adventure Time RPG is probably going to tie it to some Skylanders meets D&D Minis nightmare. “No. You can’t play as Lumpy Space Princess until you get her in a booster pack.”

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