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A Dumb But Potentially Awesome Idea

Okay, y’all.

This is maybe a dumb idea, but I’m posting this just to get a feel for it. Bear with me here as I explain.

Now.. the other day I posted my list of top ten gaming blogs. It was a bit of a prank to some extent… and yeah, I felt like the existing awards failed to acknowledge the greatness that exists in the gaming blog scene. I was kind of surprised when it sort of became a thing, getting attention outside of the hard core role-playing community. Anyway, Peter and Doug– the top two winners– mentioned that it’d be cool if there was some kind of badge they could display for it.

I thought about that. And I thought… well… maybe I could make something like that… but really, I’m no artist. And hey… it’s probably better to have nothing than it would be to have something crappy. So I thought… well… what if I just hired Denis Loubet to draw it? But what would it be a picture of…? Well… I thought of all the Denis Loubet characters I love. The body armor guy from Deluxe Car Wars. John Nowak’s “Doppelganger” from the cover of that awesome issue of ADQ. The demon from the cover of GURPS Fantasy first edition. One of those lizard man guys from Cardboard Heroes. The really cool octopus warriors he did. That really hot chick from the cover of Dragons of Underearth. The naked elf chick from the pages of Space Gamer…!

And I remembered the back of the second edition GURPS Basic Set that had the hex with that crazy collection of characters in it. And I thought… wouldn’t something like that really represent the the best that gaming has to offer… especially if it had all of those iconic Denis Loubet characters I just mentioned in it…? Wouldn’t it perfectly encapsulate a lifetime of enjoyment that game designers and artists have provided for us and which is reflected in the all around awesomeness of these game blogs that we all read every day…?

That’s what I was thinking. But the thing is, such a thing doesn’t come cheap. Just using Denis Loubet’s guidelines for his Draw My Character service, I’m looking at a couple hundred bucks at least to get this done in color. (I dunno if he’d charge more for the big ensemble or not.)

And, uh… well… let’s just talk for a second here.

I don’t talk money here very often, but let me just lay my cards on the table here. This blog is a hobby project of mine. I have never bothered to monetize it. I don’t have the hotlinked Amazon thingies that me earn a cut every time you shop there. I don’t have the big boobed “guys only” MMORPG ads that everyone else seems to have. I am not up on Patreon where I can actually see what the exact value is that the market would put on each of my blog posts. I don’t think I even want to know what that number is….

And hey… if this little art project was so darn important, you know… I could have set up those little income streams a year ago and maybe taken in enough money to buy it myself by now. Who knows?! But for some reason, I never felt right about doing that. Not that it would be “selling out” or anything, but… well… I just don’t know why I was uncomfortable doing that. Maybe I was just too lazy to do it, I don’t know. Probably I was holding out for the chance to “make it on my own” after getting ahold of some kind of preposterous lucky break. Eh.

So anyway… that said… I would not normally blow a year’s gaming and convention budget on a project like this. And yeah, if I really truly wanted this, I could have “earned” the money for it by now if I had wanted to. And hey, it’s not like there’s a hurry on this anyway. I could start selling body fluids and doing side projects until I had the cash for it if I was really serious about it. Maybe I will.

But before I decide how to handle this or if I even do it at all… I want to know what you think. Is it a dumb idea? Or would it be awesome? Is it something you’d like to see happen? Do you think it’s a fitting honor for the top gaming bloggers and a nice tribute to one of the great illustrators of gaming…? Is it an awesome enough idea that you’d make a… donation… to help make it happen. (Eh, I’m embarrassed to even use the word…!)

So, hey, no matter what you think, let me know in the comments. And no, I have not committed to the project and I have no idea how we’d handle collecting the money and getting it to Denis Loubet. But if this was a thing and if you did want to throw money at it to make sure that it happened… if you can let me know about what you’d be willing to pay just so I can decide whether I should move forward with this. I won’t hold you to it. Heck, I may not even be able to take peoples’ money for this at all if it came down to it. I’m just putting out a feeler here and I it won’t hurt my feelings if no one wants to put good money down to pay for something I should be able to do for myself.

Just let me know what you think, y’all. (And yeah, I’m totally expecting crickets on this post. Of course… that would let me know everything I need right there! I could walk away and stop worrying about this…. But hey, I feel like… given that there probably ought to be badge of some kind for these bloggers… it’s worth at least taking a stab at hashing out what it’d take….)

Oh, and… if you want to just give Denis Loubet all your spending money simply because he is that awesome, here’s his Patreon right here!

Edit: It just occurs to me that these characters may all be the property of Steve Jackson Games anyway and that this is all a moot point. Yep. That only now just occurred to me. No, I have no idea if that presents an insurmountable obstacle or not.


7 responses to “A Dumb But Potentially Awesome Idea

  1. Brian Renninger December 15, 2014 at 10:18 am

    I’d probably be able to kick in a very few bucks. I like the idea. Winchell Chung has a similar thing going with his Atomic Rockets site with his badges of approval. I also like the general multiple hex design. You wouldn’t need to use the exact ones from GURPS (and probably wouldn’t want to as it could be viewed as GURPS-centric which would be, ahem, problematic). You could do fundraising through Kickstarter.

  2. PeterD December 15, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Don’t go nuts, man. Just make a mini snap of your banner at the top and put Jeffro’s Best of 2014 on it.

  3. dgarsys December 15, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    I’d drop a couple bucks on that…. not much more, but a couple. I think it’s cool.

  4. Jay Dugger December 15, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    I’d pay $5 toward Jeff Dee or Denis Loubet, but $10 toward Erol Otus.

  5. earlburt December 15, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Bear in mind that, if you have an artist draw/ink/paint/whatever something for you, you’re probably paying for that physical item, unless you have explicit permission to use/spread around the internets. With someone with actual name recognition, you’d need to check about re-use. Typically, such things remain the intellectual property of the artist.

    But, yeah, I’d kick a little in to that maybe. You could just set up a Paypal for the purpose. That should work for those of us who trust you not to blow it on coke and whores.

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