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Space Gaming News: Squadron Strike Axanar, Open Adventure, The Lone Wolf Adventure Game, and That_Akins_Store

The world of Star Trek: Axanar is set to come to table top gaming in an upcoming collaboration with Ad Astra Games. “Using the critically acclaimed Squadron Strike game engine, Squadron Strike: Axanar will show the arms race between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets in unprecedented detail.” If you are a fan of the iconic Federation Heavy Cruiser and the Klingon D6 Battlecruiser, this will be your chance to take them beyond the limits of two dimensional thinking…!

Open Adventure is a new retroclone that combines a new unified mechanic with both fantasy and space themed gaming in one integrated system. The intermediate rulebook, which is currently under development, will support sci-fi vehicles including space and star ships. Designer Kyle Mecklem says that “basically every vehicle can move a number of spaces depending on how fast it is traveling, then it can turn 45 or 60 degrees. There’s rules for accelerating/deceleration, encumbrance, collisions, armor and HP, out of control vehicles and so forth. Star ships have different stations that operate individual sections like guns, shields, etc. You can walk around your starship as it travels through space or engage in combat.”

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game is now available in PDF from on DriveThruRpg and wow does it look sharp. I played the heck out of game books like the Lone Wolf series back in the day and I am pleased to see that this actually got off the ground.

Top tier gaming blogger Charles Akins has set up a new web store which includes the tag line, Paying the Bills by Selling Out as Fast as I can. So help a brother out and buy something you like. On his blog he says, “I figure this is a hell of a lot more fun for you guys as you can buy things that you actually get tangible goods for your money instead of just shoving money at me like I’m some scantily clad hooker on her first night in a John’s car.”


One response to “Space Gaming News: Squadron Strike Axanar, Open Adventure, The Lone Wolf Adventure Game, and That_Akins_Store

  1. Cirsova May 7, 2015 at 9:06 am

    Hey, Lone Wolf! I was going to mention Project Aon, then remembered you were the one I heard about that from in the first place.

    Best Fan WriterTM

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