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Strictly Platonic II

“Hey, we’ll start the game in just a sec here. I’ve got to have a snack first.”

“No, it’s okay… just… could you set the phone where I can see you cooking?”

“No problem; how’s this…?”

“Oh, that’s much better. Is that… is that Thai mushroom soup?”

“Oh yeah…. New year’s resolution. No more Ramen. It’s takes some effort, but I’m starting to enjoy how much I spoil myself now.”

“What I wouldn’t give…”

“Hey, I’m going to have a beer. I’d offer you something, but….”

“No, you go right ahead. I’m fine, really.”

“You know this violates every precept of Southern hospitality, right?”

“I don’t mean to put you out, really. I mean…”

“Well I have to do something for you!.”

“Maybe you could let me pick the music?”

“Perfect! Everything I’ve got’s on vinyl, though.”

“Do what now?!”

“You can listen to just about anything as long as it’s from before 1985 or so….”

“That’s… that’s insane.”

“Here, let me show you the room.”

“Good Lord.”

“Impressive, isn’t it?”

“I’ve never seen so many board games before. This is like… some kind of library or something!”

“I think I can fit a few more shelves in here. I’ll need to if I go back to Essen next year.”

“How can you even play that many games…?”

“I can’t actually. It’s all but impossible to find someone that will play any but a fraction of them. That’s where you come in.”


“Oh yes. Tonight we’re going to move one of these suckers out of the unplayed section and into to this case right here.”

“I don’t understand; it’s mostly empty. Can’t you figure out a way to play people online or something…?”

“It’s not the same, really. Shoot, I stare at a computer screen too much as it is. And there are some moves that can only be fully savored when they’re delivered in person; you know… that moment when they start dropping all the tells that give away the fact that they know they’re beaten. It doesn’t get any better than seeing that first hand.”

“No wonder no one wants to play with you. You sound like a real bastard.”

“Oh, I am. I am indeed. And since you’re onto me now, I should probably go ahead and just tell you….”


“I’m only interested in using you to fulfill my personal and highly twisted gaming desires.”

“So… if you’re that open about how you’re only taking advantage of me, then I guess when everything goes wrong it’ll be completely on me.”


“Well, get ready to have your way with me then…!”


4 responses to “Strictly Platonic II

  1. Cirsova May 8, 2015 at 11:34 am

    I was just thinking, you could tweak this (and any subsequent stories) just enough for it to stand alone. Each one should end -bam- holy, crap, brain in a jar!

    Then, print them up on little Jack Chick style tracts and leave them on toilet paper dispensers in convention bathrooms.

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